Gaming in 1989 vs. 2009 [ COMIC ]

The four year anniversary celebration of Dueling Analogs continues today. Today’s guest strip was done by Ross “Rosscott” Nover of The System.

Ross may or may not know this, but he is actually one of the first webcomic people I ever actually met. It was Connecticon ’07 and I had only been doing Dueling Analogs for a year and a half at the time. I remember talking about website traffic, Rockets… ROCK OUT! and a secret Erfworld project that would not include Hawk. Now’s all big & famous creating The System and barely has time for little peons like me. Fortunately, he made some time to create today’s comic. Thanks, Ross and Happy Birthday, too!

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Make sure to return on Monday for the final week of the celebration…


  • This illustrates exactly what I have been bitching about for YEARS, in a “GET OFF MY LAWN” kind of way.

    …I still play 8-bit Nintendo. Frakkin’ technology.

  • Gornabok

    Even tho gaming in 1989 had simple controls they were still way harder then games we have now adays lol

  • Well played, Nover. WELL PLAYED.

  • Fortunately, it doesn’t apply to some handheld or DD games. That’s one of the best guest strips ever :D

  • Herr Emil

    I would love a higher resolution of this, I want it hanging on my wall :)

  • This is true, however… now there is just the standardised lay out for certain games. Like shooting games and what not. Although some games do decide to mess this up…
    But when playing you never think, “Wait, which one?” you don’t really have to think about it….

  • jon.doe

    seriously though you need to sell this as a poster, I would buy it day one.

  • It’ll be for sale as a poster this week. I’ll link to it here or get Steve to update the post with a link.

  • Devzero

    Herr Emil: this pic is ideal to get vectorized because it doesn’t have any textures. Then you can scale it as big as you want.

  • OR you can not just swipe it for yourself and vectorize it and actually pay the artist a few measly dollars to show your appreciation.