Guest Strip by Kevin Gritzke [ COMIC ]

If you didn’t read my posting over at the outer circle today, then let me sum things up…

I closed on a house on Monday, which was suppose to have been closed on on Friday, which was in fact was supposed to have closed the Monday before last… but due to a laundry list of obstacles and unfortunate events, it did not. On top of that, I spent the weekend packing, moving, unpacking and overall attempting to remain sane (attempting being the keyword).

Now rather than cutting the comics this week, I offered a plea of help to my fellow comic creators for guest strips. In less than an hour, Kevin Gritzke responded with what you see before you… Kudos Kev!

If you like today’s comic, then make sure to head over to Kevin’s sites and check out some of his other work… here’s a link to his flickr page and here’s a link to his blog.

There will be at least one more comic this week, but there is a possibility that one of my webcomic pals is doing a guest strip for me this week as well. If that’s the case, there may be a possibility of three comics this week. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Lastly, next week is going to officially be called Wilson Week. Because Adam Wilson is friggin’ awesome. More news to come on that…