Blatant Propaganda [ COMIC ]

I’m highjacking Dueling Analogs today. Why? Because I’m taking pre-orders for the outer circle‘s first trade paperback. 112 pages of “full-color” fourth wall breaking madness. Make sure to check out the pre-order page for added bonuses you can get by pre-ordering the book, as well.

The book itself contains the first 277 comics of the outer circle. Plus, there are additional comics mixed in throughout. Let me explain. Comics are laid out three to a page, but sometimes there are two double row comics back to back. Rather than just leaving the space blank, I added a new comic to fill in the space. They’re new comics that will never appear online. Fun added bonus.

The foreword was done by my buddy Joe Dunn, plus it also contains the two guest strips that he did for the outer circle as well. I also did commentary on a lot of the comics, but not all of them. For a Penny Arcade book, it makes sense to have commentary with each comic. For the outer circle book, it makes sense to put them where they are needed. Trust me, these commentaries add a lot of new trivia and details that even the most seasoned fan of the outer circle would have missed.

Lastly, the cover was done by Eisner winning artist Steve Rolston. He won the Eisner for Queen and Country, but I know him best for the awesome work he did on Pounded. He did an awesome job on the cover and it was an honor to finish the colored behind him.

I’m having the book professionally printed. I was originally go to go the print-on-demand route, but only one of those had the quality I was looking for. Also, print-on-demand would have made the book cost a lot more for you. The downfall, instead of me needing no money up front to publish it I now need thousands of dollars upfront to publish it. So anyone planning on ordering the book, pre-ordering it would help me out a lot more. If you want to help in other ways, all donations will go towards the book and I’ll even take on commission pieces or even more creative custom ideas for the time being. So if you’ve got an idea let me know.

The holiday season is upon us. Where giving is its own reward. But here, when you give a little by pre-ordering the outer circle‘s first trade paperback you are rewarded with a copy of your own.