Guest Strip by Chris Hallbeck [ COMIC ]

Because I ain’t no Hallbeck girl, I ain’t no Hallbeck girl.

Today’s guest strip was done by Chris Hallbeck of The Book of Biff. The Book of Biff is like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal about one person and it’s really friggin’ cool. Plus, Chris was cool enough to take time out of his busy schedule to create this comic. Thanks, man.

For the next few weeks I will be running guest strips on Dueling Analogs. With a life changing event (life, not sex) happening at anytime now, it was a good solution to avoid sporadic updates. That said I will still be updating the outer circle, responding to emails and orders from will continue to ship as well. I’ll just be taking a breather from the gaming webcomics, though I’ll still be playing video games and probably watching anime, too… When I get a chance and sleep doesn’t feel like a better option.

So in the interim, enjoy some guest strips.