Munchlax’s Oddysee [ COMIC ]

So in the world of Pokémon are the flies flying around Munchlax’s corpse Pokémon? And if no, then why not?

Here’s one more: Not everyone in the Pokémon universe is a vegetarian. So which of the Pokémon are used for meat? And do Vegans or Vegetarians have a problem eating grass type Pokémon?

As far as the comic, most Pokémon trainers are kids. Sooner or later they’re going to get bored or simply don’t want the responsibility of taking care of their Pokémon anymore. At that point do they become their parents’ Pokémon or does something like this just happen? Man, there’s a lot of questions in today’s post. Don’t you think so?


  • David Herbert

    I always figured they got fed at the pokemon centres and were in a constant stasis while in the pokeball.

    • Randomgamerdude

      ^This and on occasion, I thought that Pokemon Centers paid for it themselves.

  • Shadowgate

    There have been a couple episodes of the first season where they were seen eating steak, and there was a lovely little bit about the tentacool where some old hag said they’re too much work to eat, so obviously they eat some pokemon. My guess for the most likely dinner would be Miltank

  • Twilightfairy

    You know trainers just release em back out when they get bored or just don’t care anymore. I used to always assume there were farm animals like chickens and stuff in the poke’verset hat the audience never sees but i could be wrong. Farfetched was hunted down to near extinction for it’s meat. The vegetarian thing not so much, as there are farm-able crops and stuff seen in the show itself. (like corn, rice, and wheat.)

    Miltank and Taruos are what’s for dinner. “Chickens” are probably wild doduo or doutrio (or even pidgey) (if were in kanto and Johto)

    I recall professor oak, or Kurt saying that the pokeballs give the pokemon in it their ideal world or something like it. (the skit of robot chicken sums that up well “I choose you pikachu!”)

    Now to forget all of the above. (long time reader maybe 1st time poster. sorry to bombard with poke-nerdism)

    Why didn’t the munchlax just punch the trainer until it fed it?

  • General Bison

    I was thinking about this yesterday when watching Pokemon.
    At one point they talk about eating a Magikarp, but Misty says they’re all scales and bones. So there must be some Pokemon that people eat.

    Also, animals must exist for certain ‘types’ of pokemon to exist.
    For a ‘snake-type Pokemon’ to exist, there must already be snakes.
    For Pikachu, a ‘mouse-type Pokemon’ to exist, there must be mice.

    Since it’s shown in the show that it is possible to neglect Pokemon and that Pokemon need food, rest and have feelings, also it’s possible for Pokemon to die. Sure Ash owns a manageable number of Pokemon and can be seen caring for them, what about the characters in the games that can own hundreds of them?
    Gotta catch ’em all?
    How much do you think it’ll cost to take care of 400+ living breathing Pokemon? At what point do they become a diminishing return and you have to feed them to each other to sustain them?
    Can they die when they’re inside the Pokeballs? Are they conscious? Maybe they’d be happier if they were wild.

    Fuck it, I’m joining Team Plasma

    • Chaos

      Ash is backed by Oak and a number of other reputable characters that wouldn’t have a problem helping care for that many Pokemon. Oak’s got a big ranch, after all.

      It’s not hard to assume the player characters in the games have similar relationships with their corresponding Pokemon professors. They want you to complete the Pokedex, you send back a boatload of healthy specimens for them to study.

  • General Bison

    (Hit me up on twitter if you want to discuss the topic further! @generalbison)

    • Twilightfairy

      I lack a twitter. ><

  • Common Nonsense

    Well, they already use the Miltank for milk and stuff, and you hear about Pidgey eating Caterpie and stuff like that. I’m guessing they nom on Pokemon, too, though it’s a lot more dangerous when they can breathe fire and whatnot.

  • Jon

    I’n the world of pokemon there are some BAD continuity issues. Like the pokefood is apparently natural ingredients but that only leaves plants and Animals. unless they harvest min- wait Solrock and Porygon and.. If you were to take Iron you’d be taking in steel type.. It just doesn’t end

    • FoxTwin

      And this is were all the animal activsts gets involved.

  • FoxTwin

    In the canalave library in the 4th gen games they have a book about a guy killing pokemon for food and sport, so i guess they do.

  • Seb

    On the question of who takes care of the Pokemon – I believe it is the professors who take care of them. Because Pokemon trainers can only have six Pokemons with them at any one time, any other Pokemon they catch is sent to one of the Professors (such as Prof. Oak), and I believe there was an episode in the Anime where they showed Prof. Oak taking care of other trainer’s Pokemons.

    As for what they eat… I believe they do eat other Pokemons. In terms of plants, I don’t think they eat grass Pokemons though – I mean, they have trees, surely they got vegetables that aren’t Pokemon. And if I recall correctly, In Gold & Silver (and their remakes) it is mentioned by someone that Slowpokes’ tails is eaten by human.

  • I’m pretty sure there are various Epileptic Trees postulations out there on the message boards, where in an effort to make Pokemon Darker & Edgier to appeal to older audiences, Nintendo will eventually reveal that Pokemon are all lab-designed genetic weapons (case in point: Mewtwo) leftover from an ancient, perhaps alien, civilization that wiped themselves out when the Zerg… I mean, Pokemon they created turned on them.

    This is what makes Pokemon not just ordinary critters; able to be digitized into Pokeball storage formats (other critters and objects can’t stay inside Pokeballs long, including rice cakes thrown at a Mankey); and of course able to devastate entire cities.

  • Jarrett

    What every pokemon professor doesn’t tell you is that when you start off on your adventure, you’re also given 4 acres of land in an alternate dimension where the pokemon you’ve caught live in paradise. That or your pokemon are cryogenically frozen in the PC until you take them out of the box, and in a coma until you take them out of the pokeball (No wonder pikachu was so against it in the anime)

    • Rai

      That’s what happens in Monster Rancher, a games which is a bit like Pokémon but with more realistic things like aging and dying included.
      If you don’t want you best monster to die, you can freeze him and use him in battles.
      Another way is to fuse existing monsters together and create new monsters.
      I used to play that game for the PS1, but it eventually bored me because of the few events and only training to fight in arena. xP

  • Henry

    In 4th Gen, in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, the single library detailing the history of the Sinnoh region explains how people used to eat Pokemon, as it was necessary to survive. Apparently, Pokemon are the single most renewable food source on the planet: after water Pokemon are eaten, the people throw their bones back into the water whence they came, and the water Pokemon are born anew.

    It doesn’t say whether this applies to any other Pokemon living outside of water, but the people certainly eat the fish-like Pokemon, only to insta-revive then eat them again.

    • Nekozilla

      That would explain why Gyrados are always angry… they were eaten so many times as magikarp that they want their revenge XD

  • Nuckel

    I think it is kind of sad that the Pokemon universe with all its nonsense sells so well… Only a few basic stereotypical requirements derived from general comic culture are needed to match and bam, we got a new bestseller. It shouldn’t be that easy.

    • bidoopoo

      We’re not gonna be reading about a suspect named “Nuckel” who tried to take out Stephanie Meyer in the next couple of days are we?

      • Nuckel

        Excuse me, what?

  • Collin Jeffries

    I don’t know it this is considered official cannon or not, but when the card game came out the Weepinbell card (second series I think) showed a bird sitting on Weepinbell’s head. Not a Pokemon, just a regular bird. That and certain pokedex info (Tiny Mouse Pokemon, Snake pokemon) leads me to believe that there are regular animals in the pokemon world, we just don’t hear about them.

    Here’s the website if you want to see for yourself…

    • ZeroBudgetGamer

      In the first season, you saw a lot of that. I remember waaay back in the beginning, namely the S.S. Anne episodes, when they were underwater we saw a bunch of nondescript fish swimming past the ship. Nowadays there’s so many birds, bugs, and fish out there that they don’t have to bother drawing anything other than Pokemon.

  • Undrave

    In the fifth generation they point out that a Pokémon who is pissed at his or her trainer just leaves. “Just because you catch a Pokémon in a pokéball doesn’t mean you’ve capture its heart” or some such.

  • Akenokuro

    Also don’t forget in the first season, the light house episode they alluded to professor Oak eating krabby, except that Ash’s krabby was to small and meager to make a substantial meal, but Gary’s was about three times the size and would have been delicious…

  • ZeroBudgetGamer

    As to the “What they eat” question, ever wonder why they introduced berries? In the first couple seasons of Pokemon, before third gen, Pikachu was always going after Apples. Now you have berries anagrammed after damn near every fruit/vegetable in existence, which gives the Pokemon something to eat besides themselves, as well as a suitable excuse for our trainers to eat instead of hunting down a few Bunearys or Goldeens and roasting them over an open fire. Case in point, when Brock was their cook, he’d always make stews of unknown content, now you have Dent making sandwiches in which he actually vocally announces the ingredients, all of which are berries or other vegetation, NO meat whatsoever.

    Now, this isn’t for the anime, but rather the games, and it’s haunted me ever since I tried to breed a Tyranitar to learn Outrage. I had to breed a Female Charmander with a Male Dragonite, then breed the subsequent Male Charmander with a Female Tyranitar. I’m sure when you think of your personal pursuits to learn Egg Moves, you’ve come across similar disturbing situations. Since it’s a kid’s game, it STILL won’t disclose how eggs are created, which I think after all this time is one of the biggest plotholes in Pokemon existence, but those of us who care to venture a guess…just picturing the above is just disturbing as all hell.

    • FoxTwinn

      On that remark, why don’t the offspring sport characteristics, other than moves, of the birth parents?
      Seriously, like a dragon type charmander. Though this could also be used as an explaination as to how we getting so many new pokemon that are rare and unique to a region and the other regions have no clue. Cross-breeding.

  • I always wondered about that. Then again I thought that’s why they keep them in that ball. What’s in there anyway? A farm or are they beamed from soemwhere else. Sorry I only watched that toon a bit years ago.

  • MacDiver

    Should have been titled “Munchlax’s Oddish-see” to really hammer down the pokemon pun. Otherwise, nice comic.

  • Ryu

    “Of note, there was a quick cutaway to Psyduck, in his Pokeball, in an episode of Pokemon. It was just a blank, spherical area, with Psyduck floating in the middle, and he tilted his head and ‘spoke’. meaning it’s really just an empty hellish zone of nothing where they are possibly put into stasis (so they do not have to eat), but are still able to move and think.”