Games I’m glad were never made… [ COMIC ]

Hard to believe it’s been almost two years since the previous installment of “Games I am glad were never made…”. I’ve always had a lot of fun making these. Plus, imagining Blanka destroying a keyboard with brute force and lots of electricity makes me chuckle.

Expect a lot of classic themes to reemerge as I get back into the swing of regularly creating exclusive content for Dueling Analogs. It should be fun.


  • Jasujo

    I think I’d play Hipster’s Quest …

    • Funny thing is I actually have an idea of how to make Hipster’s Quest a payable game and it wouldn’t actually be that bad.

  • I’m in for world of Pog I mean we have trading card games why not Pogs

  • LunarAura


    • Mipset

      Did you remember to do Blanka Lesson Number 6, Tape & Glue?

  • Triaxx

    I’d love to learn typing from Blanka. It’d be AWESOME.

  • White Rice

    It’s funny, I saw the thumbnail showing Blanka, and thought to myself “I know what would be funny: Blanka Teaches Typing!” I click the link and what do I get? Perfection, that’s what.

    Anyway, what would the health items in Hipsters Quest be? Are we going logical with non-fat-grand-ventrini-soy-mocha-latta-pressos with extra whipped cream, or slightly obscure, and go with hotdogs?

  • Jimmy T

    Wow, it’s hard to believe that it’s even been two years since I’ve followed this comic, let alone two years since the last Games I’m Glad Were Never Made!

  • stoutfiles

    I’m pretty sure all of these games would be fun. Nice try though.

  • Slywolf15

    Do you think you will ever pick up, “Rejected Mega man Villains” again? The mavericks were pretty cool but I always enjoyed the old ones, heck I still have the poster framed and everything, hehe

  • Nemo

    POGs one of the most STUPID things ever…

    and someone make a shit load of money off of it.

    the POG guy and the PET ROCK guy are sitting in Fiji now laughing their asses off.

    • MarkSWH

      I take it that in the US they were just collected but never played with? Here it was the opposite – we usually had a tower of common pogs and each one of us had a plastic encased/slightly metallic pog and never bought anything else – we played the game and had fun. But then again, maybe that’s because I was 5-6 and I would have find anything awesome…