Everybody’s Working for the Weekend [ COMIC ]

I wonder what video game testers do when they go home?

Working all day in the IT (information technology) industry, I can definitely vouch for the validity of this…At least from my own personal experience. Finish your day, drive home and relax in front of the computer. An outsider could almost consider it hypocritical if you don’t consider the endless possibilities of time-wasting opportunities that a computer can offer.

So what do you do after a long day of work?
(ie. watch some T.V., read a book, console, computer, spend time with your family, get drunk, all of they above)


  • ffeU

    I’m a video game tester! For a south american social game developer. And of course, I get home and play more video games! ;)

    • That’s dedication.

      • David Herbert

        Well yeah, but they’re playing different ones, also they aren’t broken.

        • cybergeek

          Aren’t *AS* broken. >_>

      • Not only dedication, but deep interest as well.

  • David Herbert

    I spend all my down time working on comics. I get home from one job just to do another.

  • Diego Arthur

    As I am working home, I spend all day in front of my pc. Offcourse I do other things like play snooker and play videogames.

  • Anvil

    I’m in IT as well. Once I go home, I just play on the computer or console mainly.

  • Emj4ye

    SoML! Work all day, WoW all night. :D

  • DashCat9

    I’m a code monkey and I pretty much do the exact same thing when I get home. One of my old room mates couldn’t understand how I could stare at a computer screen all day, and then come home to do the exact same thing many nights.

  • I’m in IT. This comic strip is my life… except in the real world there’s masturbation in panels 0, 2.5, and 4.

  • Guy

    Working in IT, I do the same thing. I work in front of a PC all day, then go home, watch a little TV, play on the Computer, Watch a little TV, play on the computer, and then go to bed. Wake up the next day, watch a little TV and then go to work. Vicious circle…

  • Kaci

    I’m a mom.

    My day ends when my five month old decides it, and my 3 year old collapses in a giant tornado of toddler.

    • Been there. My daughters are about the same age apart as your children. Fortunately, the oldest is now 5 ½ and the youngest is about to turn 3. They go down between 8 – 8:30pm each night. Don’t worry it gets easier.

    • ThePeebs

      That is exactly me except a 6 month old and the daughter is ALMOST 3. When the kids finally take a snooze, it’s either gaming, or wait for the TV from my husband, but pass out in the process.

  • This is my life. >_<

    (I work as a junior art director/web designer – obviously by the computer all day. And as soon as I come home, I turn on my own computer and sit there for the rest of the day.)

  • Etansel

    Also a game tester by trade in a massive Social gaming company. When I get home it’s just more gaming for me :). It probably helps that I love to play games to see where I can break them (Love exploit hunting :P)

  • Everglayde

    Ahh Yes the vicious cycle of my life- Stare at PCs all day &/or fix them- go home- fix them & stare at them all night…

  • UndeadLex

    To his credit, orange t-shirts are strangely more comfortable than your average shirt.

    • Kirdex

      Your statement is so true and I find myself now realizing that I need to buy more Orange Shirts.

      • Mouser

        My boyfriend complains that I wear orange shirts too often while I’m relaxing at home and gaming. I asked him what I should be wearing, but none of his suggestions sound that comfortable for gaming or using the PC.

  • Teldori

    I used to play WOW all night long, then Cataclysm hit, and the expansion just wasn’t for me. Now I get out more after work. Sometimes I go to happy hour, sometimes I’ll shop the clearance rack, or I’ll stop at Barnes and Noble and people watch at the cafe in there. I don’t do this everyday, just like one or twice a week, but it’s been good for me. I still play WOW, but now all I do is run my lowbie guildies through dungeons to level them, but that’s enough :)

  • J. G.

    I’m a teacher. When I get home I make dinner, help my wife with whatever project she is working on, spend some time in front of my computer, and then go to bed. Next morning, make breakfast, say goodbye to the wife, and off to work.

  • NickNackGus

    I wake up, check your site, as well as other webcomics, and check on some blogs on robotics or something if I have time. After school, I repeat the morning computer schedule, skipping webcomics I viewed that morning (most of the time). I then proceed to do my homework, on my computer, and play a game on my computer, or maybe build another computer. Vacations are dedicated to fixing my computers, bringing their OS up to date, and getting better software. I mainly fix my computers because my laptop keeps dying. My next one is NOT coming from HP. I just wish I could build a laptop like I did with my desktop. I spent about $200 on a gaming PC that could have easily cost me another thousand dollars.

  • PorkRoll

    Is that character’s’ left hand just a single, giant finger?

  • Sora

    I worked as a video game tester for about 9 months. Pay was decent for the “work” I was doing, playing usually shitty games, but when I got home, I either played good games or if I was just sick of games, I put on some music and read a book.

  • Kirdex

    My live consist mainly of the last panel. I need to get a job…in more ways than one.

  • Defiant135

    lol mate, this describes me almost perfectly XD. My job has me sitting in front of a computer for 7-8 hours and when i get home I sit in front of my computer most of the time.

  • Archive

    I got Asperger’s. Game testing is like software testing, right? We aspies are perfectly suited to do that. I love games anyway, but I agree with Sora and Teldori. You need some kind of break in the monotony. Invite friends over from work or somewhere else or just do something social once in a while, like once or twice a week. Oh, check out the not-new movie called Gamebox 1.0. It has Danielle Fishel from Boy Meets world in it to boot. It is a story about a Game Tester whose girlfriend died and now all he does is game 24/7. But it gets a little blown out of proportion, what with a virtual reality game system GIVEN to him.

  • Soldren

    Computer, mostly. Video games and everything. :D

    • Soldren

      PS: Also IT guy over here…so yeah, mainly in front of the PC, loathing it and loving it at the same time. And dicking around on the web during work. Like right NOW.

      • Pacifus

        All I can say is we are IT guys because it’s what we love to do. What else would you expect?

  • Comics. Always comics.

  • Chris

    Dinner with the family, sit a bit on the couch (no TV!), see the little one off to bed.

    If the TV’s free: console, if not, endless opportunities ;)

  • Dogbarian

    I’m in IT as well, customer support. At least at home, I don’t have to take phone calls. :) My wife sometimes wonders why I don’t want to talk so much at home, but I think she’s finally figuring it out.

    I do vary things though, when I got home, I usually play on a DS or PS3, instead of sitting at the computer as much (although I do still do that some of the time). And watch TV, play with the dogs, or read a book (on an iPad, usually, but sometimes the old fashioned kind).

  • Androidred0100

    Usually play guitar or read or go out drinking but I’ll occasionally play videogames, boardgames, and cardgames and watch TV with my friends and roommate. I usually try to avoid computers as I’m on them all day at school, be it for actual class (Im a Graphic Design major so yay everything Adobe!) or more likely goofing off in class (yay everything on the net).

  • trueblaze

    For me my typical day consists of. Waking up, watching an hour of whatever I recorded on TV the night before, go to work in an open air building which ranges in temp from -10 to over 100 degrees depending on the season while sorting fifty pound boxes or loading semi’s for eight hours, going home and showering to get all the dust off me from the boxes, then sitting in front of the computer checking the web while watching some other shows I recorded (seriously I can’t remember the last time I watched live tv), then the last hour or two before going to bed I’ll either hit up the 360 or play some games on the computer, then wash rince repeat the next day.

  • austin128

    I come home and run, workout. Then if I have any free time, vidga games.

  • Phaelin

    This guy comes home from school and work to do schoolwork. So this guy gets to watch the Lady Phaelin play video games instead.

  • Belphegore

    I do data entry, and I am always looking at a keyboard, except when I get home, my keyboard is Dvorak, so I have to spend a minute reorienting myself.

  • Marvin

    I stand up most of the day at work (Walmart cashier. Yay!) and then come home and try to relax. With two kids though, sometimes that is near impossible (a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 month old). Usually just watch tv for a bit after the 2 year old goes to bed, but often get on the computer until almost 1 am.

  • Nis

    I work on computers all day, (IT Admin) and then go home and play games on my computer or watch music videos on my computer with my youngest 19 months old and the others go play in their rooms (12, 11, & 8) and on the weekends is when I play with the other kids.

  • I can relate to this. Computer works in the office. Computer entertainment at home. :-)

  • Pacifus

    I’m an IT professional for a school. I give kids the riot act all day long for playing games on their laptops. So, naturally, I go home and play games (Rift mostly atm).

  • Jarrett

    As an IT, it’s the same for me. Except when I work from home. That involves sitting on the couch with my work laptop and once I’ve finished the work day, I stretch and put the work laptop to the side to grab my personal one to continue the computing frenzy! Same thing as the comic but with the orange T-shirt all day!