Scorpion: Relationship Kounselor [ COMIC ]

There may be a select few of you who have already seen the original version of this comic before. The original Scorpion: Relationship Kounselor ran on the, now defunct, webcomic Spunky Brew created by my friend Robert “Peekaboo” Koch. I called Peek on Sunday night and asked him if I could create an updated version of the comic to run on Dueling Analogs. He said, “Sure.” and here we are.


  • It’s still funny, even after all this time.

  • BigLord

    I’ve never seen it before, currently coughing because of too much laughing. Thanks! :lol:

  • Ido013

    Changing only one letter and one sound makes all the difference~ Thanks that one was excellent as always (^ω^)b

  • Anvil

    I will never look at Scorpion the same way again. Epic.

  • I wonder how the other Ninja dudes would handle “Kounseling” lulz.

  • Jeff

    So used to the regular phrase that my mind automatically added the other “e” and I didn’t get the joke for a second…

  • Joe

    This is GREAT! My girlfriend doesn’t understand this. I died a little inside.

  • First a TV chef (got to love the Deadly Alliance extras) and now a counselor? What job will he get next?