Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Playing Mega Man [ COMIC ]

So next weekend I’m going to be attending Magfest 9 in Alexandria, VA. The theme for this year’s convention is Mega Man. Well, I’m not sure when or not you’ve noticed over the past few years, but I’m actually a little bit of a Mega Man fan. In fact, I’ve actually done quite a few comics where I create these Rejected Mega Man Villains. So putting two and two together, I decided to create a new Rejected Mega Man Villains shirt that I will have on hand at the con. But if you’re not going to be at the convention, you can still pre-order your own from Shark Robot. The shirt is made up of eight of my personal favorite rejected from over the years recreated as a classic Mega Man stage select screen.

Rejected Mega Man Villains Shirt

Oh, and the Dr. Light being referred to as Dr. Right thing:

“Dr. Wright,” which is Dr. Light’s name in the instruction manual for Mega Man, is a Western approximation of “Dr. Right.” In the Japanese versions, Dr. Light is also known as Dr. Right. His symbol is an “R” icon in Japan. He has been known as Dr. Light, however. This is due to the lack of differentiation in the Japanese pronunciation of the L & R sounds. [1]

And there you have it.


  • Randomgamerdude

    The scary thing is that most of those are true…

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, if I could do it I’d so buy that shirt, that design is amazing!

  • Brad

    Brilliant work, makes me want to make that set of robot masters in MM universe when it comes out

  • Dias

    One thing I never got about the whole Dr. Light / Dr. Right thing in Japan, how the hell do they pronounce the L & R buttons on controllers? R button and the other R button?

    • That’s really funny and thought provoking, as well.

    • Lizardman

      its err and arr buttons lol not L and R

  • Lennart

    Reading rule 2 (gaining the robot master’s ability) and then viewing the grid brings some terrifying possibilities (and images, in the case of Abortian Man) to mind. I’m never going to be able to enjoy those rejected villains comics like I used to.

    Gaining Obvious Man’s ability seems hilarious, now that I think about it. And then I saw Enema Man and we jump right back to horror.

  • Mr. Pants McPants

    Man Not Appearing in this Game?
    Is he related to Robin Man?

  • Shaows

    You know, with the amount of Rejected Mega Man Villains/Mavericks comics you have created I’m surprised you haven’t added a tag for them yet.


    If you make this COMIC into a shirt, I’d totally buy it.