Hit the Road, Jack [ COMIC ]

A lot of you may not have heard of Ikki Tousen. Its an amalgam of street brawls, scantily clad school girls and Romance of the Three Kingdoms… I kid you not. All three of those things are merged together for action packed fan service overload.

You might have heard of Ikki Tousen by another name, Battle Vixens… I swear they could have come up with a better name besides Battle Vixens. Ikki Tousen literally translates to “one with the strength of a thousand”. That sure sounds a lot like Battle Vixens, doesn’t it?

Regardless, I first got into the series when I saw a picture of the series’ heroine Hakufu Sonsaku. Whom just happens to look like an ex-girlfriend of mine. I recommend the manga (even though its called Battle Vixens). The anime is decent, but its just mindless fan service… the manga was intellectual fan service.

Oh, and I don’t have too high of expections for the game. Or think they will actually release it in the US either.

I’m in the process of finalizing my guest status at this year’s ConnectiCon. I’m definitely going to have a table in artist alley and that’s about all I know so far… yeah, sorry.

While on that tangent, make sure to stop by Magical Princess Anya. I’ve been talking to one if its creators, Greg Blazer, about ConnectiCon recently and he’s seems like a genuinely nice guy. Besides the comics pretty cool, too.