Based on a True Story [ COMIC ]

I’ve been playing a lot of UNO on XBox Live recently. Its fun… especially playing with elimination rules and a Kameo deck.

One of the other neat things is that people can hook up their camera and you can see them while you play. Fortunately for me, I did not have a camera for the following events. As I was playing a game of UNO on Saturday and I heard the following between two of the people I was playing with:

– Player 1: Now that I have my camera hooked up I can see people’s faces.

– Player 2: Or their penises.


– Player 1: Ahhhhhhh!!!

As I said, very glad that I did not have a camera. Though, I guess it would be pretty cool to get flashed by hot females every now and then. But considering that one of the people I was “fortunate” enough to play against was a twelve year old girl to talked about when she was going to get laid next… maybe not.

I don’t believe that I’ve ever mentioned this, but I am a collector of retro games. Currently, I am focused on getting the entire library of NES and N64 games that were released in the US. I’ve been collecting the NES games for a while and I currently have 273 of the 757 titles or 36%. The N64 titles I only started collecting last week, but I have 38 of the 292 titles or 13%. Not a bad haul, but I’ve still got a way to go. I was thinking about placing a list of all my games and what I need on and trade the games in exchange for custom artwork. But I haven’t had the time to place all of that information up there and figure out a fair game/artwork ratio… I can guarantee you its not 1/1. Maybe one day soon