COMMISSIONED is a gaming webcomic. Not in the conventional sense of video/computer games, but in the original sense meaning table top role-playing. I first found COMMISSIONED from the links bar on Little Gamers and have been reading it ever since. With great artwork, funny jokes and an updating schedule of seven days a week makes this a worthy addition to anyones webcomic reads.

Also, COMMISSIONED‘s creator O is running a fund raising drive to try to get himself from Colombia, South America to DragonCon ’07 in Atlanta, Georgia USA at the end of August. Currently he’s almost at fifty percent, but almost fifty percent is not almost a hundred. So, help a brother out.

In theory, the next of the What if…?s should be up three weeks from now. I think it will be the last one too. Originally, I had planned on doing one for Real Life Comics. Unfortunately, no matter how much I am a fan of Real Life Comics I cannot bring myself to consider it a gaming webcomic. At one time it was a gaming webcomic, but the strip evolved into something new and its new format was not gaming. PvP falls under this criteria as well, but a loop hole of it being nominated for Outstanding Gaming Webcomic allowed me to adhere to my rules and create this comic on a technicality.

Oh… in case you’re wondering, the final What if…? is 8-bit Theater.