Hello, I’m Linux. [ COMIC ]

Ah, Linux…

Did you see the trailer for GTA: IV? I posted four questions last week before the trailer’s debut:

Where will it take place?

When will it take place?

Who is the protagonist?

And how far did they stray from the formula?

We now know it takes place in Liberty City, looks as if it takes place in present day or mid-nineties and the main character is Russian (so expect some sweet former KGB driven stories). As far as the formula, there’s not much information about that. Actually, the trailer was mainly shots of the city, but they were some wicked looking shots of the city. Did you see the poster for the Top Hooker?

One of the webcomics in my repertoire of regular reads celebrated its one year birthday on the 24th of March. The comic is value=dead_ and its just fun. Its good otaku/video game driven fun, Fortunately for me, I had the honor of doing a guest strip for this momentous celebration. So head on over to value=dead_ and check it out. Way to go VD! Way to go.

Want to unlock some quick and easy achievements on your XBox 360? Then, I’ve got one word for you… UNO. Seriously, this is the easiest two hundred points you will ever unlock. Play the game for an hour or so and you should be able to unlock the first eight with ease. Just a suggestion…