Better Late than Never [ COMIC ]

I officially feel sorry for Sony.

No Metal Gear Solid 4 this year means Sony won’t have the big holiday title it needs to push the system this Christmas. Plus, Sony and Incog INc. (Twisted Metal series) might be severing their ties. And to top it all off, Sony’s game division may post a $2 billion dollar loss did post a 1.9 billion dollar loss from the most recent quarter.

I’d say help Sony out and buy a PS3, but since they lose money on each system I don’t think that would help. How about picking up God of War II or Odin Sphere for your PS2 instead. I know we all have one of those.

Lastly if you live in North America, own an XBox 360 and are a member of XBox Live log on today and download Aegis Wings for FREE! I don’t know how long its going to be available for, but it is only for a limited time. Its a space shooter and looks pretty sweet. Free is good.