Sweet Hat! [ COMIC ]

Jen Brazas, the creator of Mystic Revolution and today’s guest strip, is my knight is shining armor. Between some very time consuming home remodeling and a handful of time sensitive freelance clients, my available time this week is virtually nil. Fortunately for me the goddess, known as Jen Brazas, was kind enough to contribute a couple guest strips as well as some commentary for this week and save my ass.

Please make sure to visit her webcomic and show some support for this selfless effort.

So the hat in question is the Libertarian’s Cowl and it is a really sweet hat (well, cowl/hood technically) as it gives you a bonus to defense and like, +.25% mana regen in combat. But my god. With my PC’s cheek bones, doe eyes, and pouty lips, she looks RIDICULOUS in that thing. I felt sooooo bad when I equipped it to her.

And of course, once again, poor Alistair’s stuck between a rock and a hard place XD