Sweet Hat! [ COMIC ]

Jen Brazas, the creator of Mystic Revolution and today’s guest strip, is my knight is shining armor. Between some very time consuming home remodeling and a handful of time sensitive freelance clients, my available time this week is virtually nil. Fortunately for me the goddess, known as Jen Brazas, was kind enough to contribute a couple guest strips as well as some commentary for this week and save my ass.

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So the hat in question is the Libertarian’s Cowl and it is a really sweet hat (well, cowl/hood technically) as it gives you a bonus to defense and like, +.25% mana regen in combat. But my god. With my PC’s cheek bones, doe eyes, and pouty lips, she looks RIDICULOUS in that thing. I felt sooooo bad when I equipped it to her.

And of course, once again, poor Alistair’s stuck between a rock and a hard place XD


  • Jim Henson

    She speaks the truth! I wore the Libertarian’s Cowl for the bulk of my game and felt ridiculous even though it made my mage incredibly awesome. Of course I had him compensate by kicking as much ass as possible whilst looking like a gay trojan chicken…yeah, try getting that image out of your head.

  • FrozenPhoenix

    this is why I love the mod that hides hats on all my characters. they’re still technically wearing the hats and getting the stats, but visually it looks like they aren’t wearing a hat. although I think I primarily got it so I could see the faces of people wearing helmets.

  • Svafa

    I forced it on Morrigan and then dragged her around half the world just so I could laugh and laugh…

    I’ve debated a mod to hide helmets, but my PC is a Champion/Templar city elf chick, so she spends most of her time running around in Cailan’s set or the Dragonbone Plate set, which both look pretty awesome with the helmets. It’s just the clothie hoods and cowls that I don’t really care to see. :/

  • Valius

    I soooo hated that hat/cowl
    Arsekicking > ridicule.
    besides, i always went after the female companions, so they didnt mind the hat. :D

  • Randomgamerdude

    That doesn’t seem like a bad hat…I can think of at least 5 other hats that are worse. Luckily they’re on other games and thus would have no effect and thus no one would wear them in that game but still…
    Also: Fun>Cool. That’s why Tetris is still around.

    • Broketoon

      you seem to forget that with Tetris….Fun=Cool

  • Lesharo

    Okay, so my experience with this is in WoW, but, I feel your pain. Casters are Clown-suits-r-us. Apparently, the harder you make the mistic forces laugh at your rediculousness, the more they listen to your commands. So glad that, as a boomkin, I can cheat and just look like an overgrown chicken…that’s better, right?