Game Launch Rock! [ VIDEO ]

Even if this video is 100% accurate, do you really think it’s going to stop us from buying them at launch? Do you really?

source: YouTube


  • Kal

    fuck it, the gameboy is right. gonna dust off the old man and get some of those games I never got to play as a child

  • Alastor

    A nice feeling… except that’s not how market economics works…

    If everyone followed this logic and no one bought a PS4 on release day… how many game companies are going to make games for a console that sold zero machines? In a year there would be no games… because no one bought the console originally.

    • Mygaffer

      Actually if that happened then Sony and Microsoft would just get their game right and make sure there were really good games ready at release.
      But you are taking this way too seriously. There are always going to be excited people who will buy at launch. That does not change the fact that the more prudent action is to wait.

    • Armane

      So everyone will switch to PC development? Sounds good to me.

    • Davvolun

      Yeah, just like practically everything related to markets, the most rational action by an individual doesn’t match the most rational action by a group. What’s your point? People may or may not buy it, and if it is bought en masse, the video will be completely accurate. If it isn’t bought, then you’re better off not buying it (HD DVD, anyone?). As long as you can stand to wait, the individual’s best action (cost per “enjoyment”) is to wait.

      • Alastor

        The message in the video was that NO ONE should buy on release day, or for at least a year. But that creates larger problems that only having one or two decent games for a while.

        Unless the message is: “See those millions of idiots buying the console release day? Don’t be them”. Which is kind of insulting to a lot people.

    • ThisIsNotDan

      If everyone followed this logic, maybe market forces would drive developers to line up better launch titles for their new consoles.

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      There’s a demand curve for consoles that corresponds with the “value” of the system as measured by what games are available, technological problems, etc. As time progresses, the demand curve rises due to more games, but initially, some consumers that would purchase the console at a lower price are “priced out” of the market, until the value of the console to them increases.

      Obviously, if everyone decides not to buy the console at launch, then the market price falls. This can either take the form of

      A.) Developers “raising the value of the machine” (aka, more games being released at launch) or

      B.) A literal fall in price.

      It’s true that EVENTUALLY someone has to buy the console, of course; if the entire gaming community collectively decided to never buy a console at launch it’d be an issue, but messages of “don’t be that guy” doesn’t mean there shall not be any of those guys; consumer habits adjust gradually, and in the same vein, consoles releases adjust along the way. Though, since consoles tend to be released in chokepoints-that is, a few years go by and then a bunch of new consoles are released-it IS possible that consumer habits could change, and the producers wouldn’t be aware of this in time. In this case, the producers would take a substantial loss, but since the actual systems are already in market, it’s not like the systems wouldn’t exist-that is, this loss does not translate into a “lost product.”

  • porkroll

    To drive the point home, the singing Gameboy should have been a Virtual Boy.

  • Kaisoni

    The Gameboy died soon after because the batteries gave out?
    But… the original Gameboy took changeable AA batteries…

    Good song. Maybe too specific though? You should probably just not buy a console… (sorry, couldn’t resist)