Kids 20 Years From Now [ VIDEO ]

It’s funny now, but give it twenty years and I bet we’ll see just how accurate this video really is… Minus the Nicki Minaj part. That’s just silly.

source: YouTube


  • PJ

    And it’s all because parents today refuse to take responsibility for their own rotten kids. :)

  • BigLord

    No Steve. Even the Nicki Minaj part will be true. That’s the real scary part.

  • Nobody

    Sadly everything in that video will come true. Parents don’t want to job of parenting but they complain if anyone else tries to teach their kid any sort of common sense/morals either.

    While the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is thrown around a lot people forget that it means EVERYONE should step up to raise them not you should leave raising them to everyone else.

  • Jarntazecht

    I found myself saying “Justin Bieber is absolutely terrible. At least Aaron Carter didn’t rely on an autotune and actually worked with MTV to put together original music.”, only to think to myself later “Wait…I hated Aaron Carter as a kid. Why am I defending him? Why is he a sympathetic figure now?”

  • Sigurther

    Hey, everyone! Guess what? You’re getting old.