Why There Aren’t More Female Gamers… [ COMIC ]

“When your father stood up, told me I sucked and then exposed himself on Xbox Live I knew I was going to marry him someday.”

I was pressing the random button in the comic navigation when I finally came across this comic. And it got me thinking… If I was a female, I think the number one thing to turn me off of gaming would be the creepy male gamers. Now, I’m not saying all male gamers are creepy. Uh, case in point. But we’ve all been on Xbox Live and as such have seen some of the least common denominators that lurk on there. You know what I mean?

It’s that stigma that causes a lot of females to avoid what we consider non-casual gaming altogether. I personally don’t think it’s because these games supposedly aren’t geared towards them. A good game is a good game and there’s more than enough variety out there for everyone. No, I think the perception of the people they think game plays a lot into their desire to pursue gaming further.

But then again, I could be completely off. After all, I am one X gene short of really knowing what I’m talking about.


  • You could always, you know, ask your wife about her opinion.

    • My wife’s not a gamer. But she does think that a lot of people who do game are creepy. She also thinks most gamers live in their parent’s basements, too.

      • mikeszekely

        Hell, my wife thinks I’m creepy.

  • David

    I’ve noticed most female gamers I know go with male IDs in order to not get hit on when they go online. Or they just stick with gaming with friends or alone.

    • Yeah, most girls I’ve seen on games have like male avatars and stuff, meaning that the ones with female avatars will like 50% of them be…. a creepy man…

      • bidoopoo

        A creepy man playing the video game with one hand…

      • Niccolo

        xD For some reason, on one forum I frequented a lot of people assumed I was a girl. I don’t really know why, either. It was weird.

        However, the forum had a lot of girls on it and the guys were relatively polite… but that might have been because the admin herself had a rather large prejudice against rude people. It made for some rather amusing bannings.

  • MarthKoopa

    Well, if I were a woman, I’d play games and totally destroy everyone and tell off all the basement virgins and how they’re never going to get to touch real boobs

    • bidoopoo

      But how many basement dwelling virgins really play “Cooking Mama” and ” Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue”?

  • A girl

    AS A WOMAN. I avoid online games or play as a male. If you play as female – the creepers just come crawling out of the dungeons from everywhere to ask the most stupid shit and talk about themselves.

    The desperation they have is disturbing, especially when you’re just there to PLAY the game.

    That you all just lost. you all lost the game.

    • Maybe this is why people don’t like girl gamers….. (jk)

    • Silentsteel

      I’ve noticed a lot of ladies playing under male names (I’m female, and i’ve never been comfortable playing a guy when I have the choice, go figure), but I’ve also noticed it depends on the context when it comes to online – take WoW’s servers. I’ve seen a lot more ladies playing female characters on the RP servers, while I’m one of the rare extremely-hit-on-by-creepers female/female combos on the PVP server I play on. I’ve both /ignore’d and reported guys for excessively creepy statements and behavior on the PVP server. Yuck.

      I’m open about my being female, but I do use gender-ambiguous names on the web and in TF2. Yet I’ve never gotten hit on in TF2, despite openly using the mic.

      And LuLz The Troll down below can bite me.

  • GreenRanger

    haha, A Girl just won

  • Female

    I’m also a female gamer. I don’t usually play games online, but if I do, I tend to use ambiguous usernames and avatars.

    More often than creeps, I’ll encounter male gamers that doubt my ability to play games and mock me for it. I can tell you it was pretty damn satisfying to be challenged by some random boy at a Gamestop to Super Smash Bros. and kick his ass using Peach.

    I’m not that great at newer FPS games though, so the stereotype is true there. Regardless, it’s still frustrating to be held to the playground standard that girls will naturally suck at anything boys like.

  • Mouser

    Female gamer here. I’m upfront and honest that I’m a girl, but I think it was more that guys avoided hitting on me and so on because for many years I was in a relationship and that kept most from harassing me. Since things fell out I’ve had a lot more approaches by guys (some to near scary levels) even though I’ve told them I just want to play the video games, not online matchmaker looking for relationships. They seem to not listen, sadly. I don’t want to have to be driven into masking myself behind male avatars to be able to play in peace.

  • BRGuest

    There is a very interesting video about this subject here:

    Video Games and the Female Audience (by Daniel Floyd)


  • Taroni

    MMoRPGs are swarmed with highly capable women though, honestly think of ffxi,eq and WoW I beat most of the best players in your guild/linkshells were women ^_^

  • lulz

    ahem “noncasualgaming” and consoles dont mix dude consoles are only for stupid people or little kids … the real “gaming” is only on windows-pc’s!

    • Miles Tormani

      Hahahaha. PC gaming elitist claims that console gamers are stupid, then can’t even punctuate properly himself. I’d argue that “windows-pc’s” is a spelling error as well. The irony is staggering.

      • The Man in Black

        I wish I could “like” a comment on Dueling Analogs.
        And, um, I have no comment there. Especially since I have never and likely will never played a video game online- if I do, it will be Tekken. But, I am personally disgusted by the behavior of a lot of males in regard to females, and unfortunately internet gaming is the type of perfect scenario to bring it out.

      • Ejigantor

        Besides, the XBOX 360 _IS_ a Windows PC. (duh)
        The PS3 is a Sony PC, and the Wii is a Nintendo PC
        They’re just PCs build specifically for gaming, so no, you can’t write your college discertation on it like you could a computer, but the console system does provide a nice even platform for developers and customers, so I can buy a new game for my XBOX and not have to upgrade my computer in order to play it.

        But that totally isn’t the discussion we should be having here, and I should know better than to feed a troll

  • Jamie B

    You’re pretty much right, actually. For me anyway. I have zero interest in being hit on by creepers or treated like a sub-human specimen. I’m a happily married female gamer with a college degree and a decent life – I don’t think that fits any of the stereotype.
    Also, a lot of the popular games that people play together, like Halo and things like that, don’t appeal to me. I’m more of a Zelda and Mario gal. I don’t like FPSs, and a lot of people seem to think that the only people who can call themselves a gamer are the people who play those specific games.

  • Phaelin

    I can’t really speak for all women, but I know my (soon-to-be) fiancé pretty well. She games on Live with a blatantly girl gamertag. More often than not, she doesn’t get hit on while playing Left4Dead. I take that to mean more serious gamers play Left4Dead? Anyway, that’s not to say some don’t give it their best, of course!
    Mostly in TF2 you’ll find tweens playing that have no clue what their prick is for, and you all know the type I’m talking about. They’re the ones that jump on the mic with “Girls can’t play games, get back in the kitchen!” and all that other immature 4Chan bull. Those are the most fun ones, because she won’t reply to them straightaway, but she’ll defect to the other team and rape them constantly until they rage quit.

    It’s truly a glorious thing to behold. In all honesty, though, no one has gotten truly vulgar with her. Mostly she cusses the little twats for crying about how everyone else sucks and they’re on the worst team ever and so on and so forth. I love her!

  • undercover in pdx

    As a female gamer who loves FPS, RPG’s and JRPG’s I often wonder what I miss about playing online. I’ve been so put off by what I’ve heard, just lie low and couch co-op with my sweetie or play games through the night alone. It works for me, so far. I envy the guys out there having a blast, but don’t know if I’m up to the weirdness. I don’t fit the profile either for sure, I’d be passed over as meh! while I’m weeding the veggie garden or finishing off my latest knitting project in some funky coffee shop. It’s kinda nice to be a secret gamer chick. My hubby says it’s sexy.

  • SWagner

    Pink games are a huge problem in the industry. Women are stereotyped as loving pink and shopping and get sold titles that make it seem like being a domestic house wife is their only option in life. While there are female gamers a lot of them tend to play games that anyone can appreciate. Mario, Ico, puzzle games, and many other titles that don’t fit the mold of a giant muscled space marine who is surrounded by beautiful women. Unfortunately these pink games make money so the trend probably won’t end anytime soon.

  • Ebby

    I’m a female gamer, but I’m not much for the big co-op games because of the creepy. My Xbox gamer tag is (I’d like to think) gender ambagious, and my voice is low enough that as long as I’m careful I can usually be mistaken for a young man both on LIVE and World of Warcraft. I actually take great enjoyment in being mistaken for the opposite gender, even though I will take any chance to play my own. It’s fun to be grouped with a bunch of guys, talking on Ventrillo, contently holding my own and then at the end of the group go ‘oh, and I’m a girl’ and get to hear them exclaiming in disbelief. :D

  • Holy crap there are a lot of females here. But I thought there were no girls on the internet! :D

    Seriously now, about my experience with girls on online games… usually, I don’t run into them. But when I do, it’s… I dunno, different from playing against a guy?

    I’m being honest here. When I know there’s a girl on the other side of the controller, I don’t play the same way I do when I’m playing against a guy. What I find myself doing the most is holding back against them and if I lose, I get happy because then I KNOW I must not hold back.

    Does this make any kind of sense?…

    • undercover in pdx

      Thanks for your honesty and being such a gentleman, but I somehow feel vindicated for not wanting to play online because of how you think you should play as a guy vs a girl. I’d rather be beaten fair and square and learn something and come away with experience and camaraderie than feel like a guy is holding back. My gamer score and accomplishments are, ehrm, a healthy tad ahead of my sweeties, and it’s a good motivation for both of us to work on our games. He has just overtaken me in Snoopy Flying Ace, (which btw, is totally rad fun) I watched him go multiplayer with Snoopy Flying Ace and get solidly whipped and limp home after getting thrashed and trash talked. I was soooo glad it was not me! And nice to read your post Ebby, I salute-a you!

  • Coal

    I’ve seen plenty of female gamers, but usually when I go online i get my ass handed to me anyway regardless of the gender of the players lol. Generally I don’t talk on the mic or even bother with trash talk or any of that jazz either, I just want to play the game. Too many people take it far too seriously sometimes anyway.

  • Kat

    I was pugging a WoW dungeon the other day and asked if anyone had any quests to share. Got the response “No whore.” I said “Excuse me?” and a different player replied, “He said no whore.” Thinking the next character I roll will be male…

    I avoid vent for the inevitable “omg who was that? Is that a girl?”

    • Serneum

      When I played WoW with one of my female friends, our original guild disbanded and we both moved to a better one. I got her in a raid one day while she was still in a “trial” rank in the guild and when she spoke, all of the guys instantly became bumbling idiots. I’m pretty sure I heard them say things like “Oh hey, a girl” and “Do you have a boyfriend?” within 5 seconds of her talking. Needless to say she didn’t enjoy it and they wouldn’t stop. She quit the guild shortly after because that’s how they acted every single day after they found out she was a girl…it was quite ridiculous…

  • Kathleen

    Usually I stick with PC adventure and puzzle games and even then I’ll use a generic sounding ID or avatar just to keep people from constantly asking me if I’m female. I also took video game development classes in college and yes a majority of the guys in the class were that nasty form of creepiness, some more so than others.
    I’ve developed a sarcasm defense to counter that which seems to work but doesn’t work as well as a few nicely placed headshots.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    I think part of the issue is that, legitimately thoughtful nerds (which comprise a significant percentage of the gaming community) have started to evolve in a way wherein, they take refuge in audacity when it comes to their sexism. It’s like, I’ll say something deliberately sexist and offensive, but it’s not intended to be taken seriously-rather, it’s sort of a satire of the fact that I’m a guy. But the fact that it’s satire doesn’t change the fact that it’s sexist. It’s like, the character Stephen Colbert isn’t really the actor Stephen Colbert, but that doesn’t mean that when Stephen Colbert is playing the character, he’s not being an asshole. I think somewhere down the line, those of us who appreciate satire just wanted an excuse to be assholes, and while deep down we understand that it’s actually kind of obnoxious, we want to be that obnoxious as a means of satirizing ourselves.

    Wow this rant totally went out left field. I’m not sure what I’m trying to communicate got across at all. But I do think that that’s part of the issue.

  • The Anarchyz

    I grew up with a sister that liked to play videogames with me on my 2600/NES/SNES/Genesis, and not the stereotyped “female games”, i’m talking Mortal Kombat, Battletoads, Metroid, Mario, Contra, Megaman, Street Fighter, Pitfall, etc. and i have gamer friends that are women, so maybe i’m used to play with them but when i go online i don’t feel the need to hold back or hit on them or treat them differently, i just play the game (and trash-talk, but always in the fun-friendly way, not saying things like “eat sh17 y0u n00b, i pwn you to the moon”)…

  • Dee

    I’ve been playing games every since I can remember and I’ve always considered myself a gamer. I’ve not so much gotten creepers as I have gotten just obnoxious, loud mouthed, sexist pigs. That’s probably because I play a lot of FPS and xbox live. Playing Modern Warfare I have never gotten a good response on the mic. It’s like I either have to stay silent or get the barrage of ‘cunt cunt whore cumdumpster’. It’s kinda sad that these young guys think it’s funny to sit behind a screen in the comfort of their home and just spout the most vile things. I’m usually mistaken for a young boy… meh. I would like to just not have to be silent all the time! It feels good when I get the most kills or the best k/d ratio >:D

    I remember when I was playing the first L4D with these two guys who just sucked so bad… I stayed silent the whole game as I continually had to pick them up while they called me every name they could think of. They didn’t know I was a female at the time… anyway, they were down near the safe room and I was nearly down so to safe us ALL I limped as fast as I could to the safe room. Needless to say, they were really angry and accused me of ‘probably being a little kid’. I got pissed and just got on the mic telling them I saved their asses most of the game and that I was a girl. The response was ‘Oh a girl?? EVEN WORSE!’. -_-

    Really, I blame the internet and 4chan for this fuckery.

  • I’ll start off by pointing out that I’m a guy.

    I’d love to blame this all on the internet, but I feel like it’s not really the internet’s fault. The internet and its anonymity just amplify humankind’s natural urge to be a dick to people sometimes. When it’s harder for people to find you and do something about you and your troublemaking, you feel much more free to do whatever you want to do. I’m a moderator on Kongregate.com, and I see this sort of thing EVERY DAY. People take the opportunity to be a jerk all the time, and I hate to see female gamers scared away from community involvement or hiding behind male avatars/usernames because they have to protect themselves from the weirdos out there. It frustrates me that my gender is the one causing these problems. I’m not saying that ALL guys cause the problems, but the ones who do make the rest of us look bad!

    Anyhow, you don’t have to be a female to be frustrated with the imbalances in the community. Hopefully other guys out there are working to right the wrongs and make the gaming world more inviting for females and males alike! :)

    I have no clue if this comment system notifies me of replies, but if it doesn’t, you’re welcome to contact me at http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/IAmTheCandyman. :)

  • Dan

    Honestly, there’s just a lot of assholes out there. It just so happens that on the internet they have both a bullhorn for their douchebaggery and a wall behind which to hide. It’s much easier to be rude and obnoxious when you see no way of being punished for it. If a young man is not raised with respect for women, only taught to behave around them to avoid punishment, as soon as you remove the fear of punishment the lack of respect shows through. A person who feels no compulsion to be decent to anyone will be rude to everyone, and unfortunately that lack of respect tends to be accompanied by incorrect ideas concerning the other gender.

    I grew up in a household in which is was greatly outnumbered by women. I couldn’t afford to be disrespectful even if I’d wanted to (though that didn’t keep me from being obnoxious, misbehaving, etc…), I’d have been slapped five different directions at least. And with multiple examples of hardworking women, I had more positive female role models than male. So when I run into a girl or woman in real life I treat them the same way I would any guy, the way I’d like to be treated myself. When I run into one in a game, I do the same. Instead of judging by gender, I judge by individual example. I’ve run into girls who were much better than I, and guys who were much worse…as well as vice versa. Sadly, I, and those others who’ve spoken up here, seem to be in a minority.

    I think to some extent it also doesn’t help that there are girls out there who have no problem playing up the stereotypes to their advantages, and just like a girl in real life who plays up her sexuality to garner favors causes many simple-minded guys (honestly, the majority of us are relatively simple-minded when it comes to the opposite sex) to assume the same about other girls, a girl in a game who uses her gender to her advantage puts other female gamers in a bad light.

    The only thing you can really do is try to educate, and if that fails ignore them, and don’t let their ignorance ruin your day.

    Also, concerning why more women/girls don’t play games, I’d dare say it might have something to do with the way games tend to be marketed. Guys get ads featuring scantily clad women fighting hugely muscled brutes with large swords; girls get bright pink ponyz (always spelled with a z, because obviously girls like misspelling things). While there’s an increasing number of games marketed to both genders, there’s still an unfortunate tendency towards gender stereotypes, and I’ve heard from more than one female gamer friend that it comes across as insulting the way games are marketed to females.

    • Kriztov

      I have to agree. While I wasn’t raised in the same environment as Dan, I too got taught to respect women, and as such whether it’s online or in the real world, I always act respectfully. It is largely a question of upbringing which will decide how a person acts or does not, and I agree if these male gamers were actually brought up to respect women properly, then this wouldn’t be such a problem. That said, it’s most commonly those on the lunatic fringe that cause the most common opinion.

  • Archangel Kisuke

    I’m a male gamer and I have to partially disagree because surely there are some creepy female gamers out there somewhere. I’ve never had an experience with a creepy person on Xbox live or whatever all my creepy people experiences are from random websites I go to…but I do know that there are definitely people out there who are, lets face it, fucking weird so I’m sympathetic to the ploy of the female gamer.

  • Stephanie

    I’ve heard from female friends they never play online as women, for all the reasons listed above. Plus, as my fiance says, he plays a girl when given the choice since he’s going to stare at the character for hours on end.

    Speaking as a non-gamer marrying a guy who owns upwards of 10 consoles, gaming is seen as a male activity by the mainstream media; therefore it is to most people. Games and gamers are associated with negative stereotypes like violence, sex, misogyny, and a general disregard for morals (see media coverage of all GTA titles). So to a lot of people it’s not socially acceptable to be a gamer. This stereotype is further personified by such titles as “Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball”. Sure some girls might play that, but they’re probably studying it for a feminism class. If however the bikini games were balanced by a games with strong female protaganists that don’t take off their clothes during battle, or if we had a “Hunky Firefighters Saving Kittens” game (which I’d play the hell out of) to balance the field, gaming would probably have a wider appeal and be less

    The other main issue with gaming is that it’s cost prohibitive. Ignoring for a moment PC gaming, console gaming requires a huge initial investment to buy the console, controllers, and just a few games. Handheld consoles like the DS are the most accessible; plus Ninentdo’s marketing campaign has been very inclusve by showing girls playing non-FPS games like Professor Layton and Mario Kart. I think gaming is becoming more mainstream as a proliferation of mobile devices make it more accessible to everyone, and less attached to the stigma of 14yr old boys blowing stuff up and cussing.

    • Vilecat

      Well shit, what do you do about 20-25yo girls who like to pvp, play fps and nuke others while cussing? I don’t know that many “girly” girls, who like videogames other than the mainstream/classic (mario, tetris, et.), that play on a regular basis anyway.


  • I pretty much agree, my fiance is a gamer, but this is more of a recent thing, and she inquired what playing online is like, and I pretty much told her exactly what this comic says. Needless to say she won’t be playing much if at all.

  • melchar

    I’ve been a gal gamer since 1973 [I was 15 then]. I started when D&D hit the West Coast [at Equicon] – got the pamphlets, designed a world and drafted all my gal-friends and their brothers. As a -referee- I never had the harassment problems that regular gal players had. After all, I was God. When playing, I mainly ran male PCs [sexually interested GAY male PCs … cuz as a gal I LIKE guys ^_^ … and male PCs couldn’t get preggers]. Yes, I’ve also been a bit ‘out there’ as long as I can remember.
    But it’s the GAME that is important – the story threads I reffed and intertwined. The inter-play between characters running missions to save worlds – or destroy them. The game is the thing. Maybe I’m not that ‘girly’ – or maybe when someone focuses on reffing a good game, the sex of the ref isn’t all that important.

  • Jimmy T

    That fat yellow gamer reminds me of Belome.

  • lano500

    I’m a girl and a gamer, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.
    However, my mother hates video-games but always hogs my PC.

  • Pie

    I’ve always found it funny that people online complain that girls aren’t into games like Halo or other FPS shooters when I have enough difficulty getting girls in real life to play Rock Band with me. It’s almost as if they’re embarassed to be playing a video game in the first place, because they’re not “gamers.”

    That being said, the few girls I know who DO play games aren’t restricted to the “casual” kind.

    I think the real problem is more general, and has to do with social groups and “status.” Most people view video games in a negative light, or as a childish past time (I’ve been asked many times if I “still” play video games) and a lot of people are afraid to partake of the activity. It’s a real shame because people who will spend hours online playing Farmville on facebook or some simple flash game will not consider themselves “gamers” and would be horrified at the very suggestion. And yet because I own a console that I rarely play (only when friends come over) I am instantly labeled a “gamer” and expected to be amazing at every game I own.

    The point of a video game, like any game, is to have fun. When it becomes an issue of “girl vs boy” or “casual vs hardcore” people lose track of this point.

  • Ejigantor

    I’m male and I don’t play games online because of the type of person described in the comic, because they act in the same manner towards males, but with less restraint. Occasionally I’ll hop online through an XBLA game, but mostly I play offline, and if I’m playing multiplayer I’m doing so locally with people I know.

  • Peekaboo

    Friend of Steve’s here. Just wanted to say it’s cool he got so much feedback on this topic. And from my own experience playing Uno on X-Box Live (I love Uno, so sue me) that the biggest problem with creepy guy gamers is that they hit me with all the Draw Two and Draw Fours to help out the female gamers, as if by letting a girl a win you can win her heart or something. It’s sad. And funny.

    • Dan

      This is also true. For every 10 creepers, there’s one white knight, the guy who thinks that by standing up for a girl just because she’s a girl, or going out of his way to do a girl a favor, that he’ll get some sort of benefit from her. And of course, if you happen to stick up for someone who just happens to be a girl you get accused of white knighting as well.

      Though, one of the funniest posts I ever saw on the WoW forums was a girl chewing out a guy who’d attempted to white knight for her but obviously knew nothing of the situation. She basically told him that she didn’t need to be supported just because she was a girl, but because she was right…in much more colorful language.

  • Candy

    I’m a female gamer. I play WoW, Guild Wars, and have an XBL account though I tend to play rpgs and stuff like that with my xbox so there isn’t MUCH interaction with people I don’t know but I have run across those creepy pervert gamers that you mention on XBL a lot more then WoW and Guild Wars. I once had a guy ask if I wore thongs D:< and to send him a picture of my breasts.

    My name is ambiguous on XBL BUT my avatars/characters/toons are 99% of the time female.

    This is also the same boat about why I don't go on chatrolette. Being female on the internets can sometimes be very difficult.

  • Walter44

    for the record: i’m a male gamer.

    it’s (sadly) true that gaming is mostly considered a “boy’s hobby”. i said “boys” on purpose because most non-gamers don’t get that playing a videogame can be as enterntaining for a grown man as watching a movie can be. and i think THERE lies the problem. most girls like to think that they’re…”intelectually ahead” of the boys in their age. they just tend to think that boys are less mature than they are (and are often right). and as gaming is considered a “childish” hobby, they don’t want to get in contact with it, because then they would seem less mature (note: i’m speaking as a teenager judging from experiences from teenage girls. and even though grown-up women won’t (always) behave like this, it’s hard to get them into gaming after they rejected it in their teenage years.)

    so, my point is: the problem isn’t that girls don’t game because it’s a “male” hobby, but because it’s a “childish” hobby. that’s also the reason why “older” people (let’s say 30+) are harder to get into gaming. like a comment above said: if you’re older than, let’s say…12, and you tell people that you’re a gamer, responses like “you STILL play videogames?”, “aren’t you a little too old for that?” or even “man (or woman ;) ), you’re so childish” aren’t that rare.

    so, my suggestion: show the world that gaming can be as mature as any other pastime and that even “childish” game like mario, kirby and co. can be fun for adults! (male and female)

  • David

    Heh. One of the most meaningful relationships I’ve ever been in started off with her being intrigued by the fact I didn’t hit on her over XBOX Live. I was helping people out with the Fable II dolls achievement. She thought I was nice because I helped her out. Later on she struck up a few conversations and we found out we had a lot in common. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for us, but we’re still good friends.

  • Emily

    I’m a female gamer and I’m on Xbox Live pretty regularly. My secret – play without a headset and with the mute button activated. :)

  • Kathryn Horne

    As a female gamer, I play all kinds of titles from shooters to tactical to RPGs. The big problem with playing as a female is we as women are constantly and consistently harassed if our gender becomes known to the overbearing male population. Honestly, go onto an MMO sometime… pretty much ANY MMO… and say you’re a girl. Watch what happens.
    You’ll typically get the stereotypical reactions like:
    “Get back to the kitchen”
    “Where is my sammich”
    “There are no girls on the internet”
    “Many Men Online Role Playing Girls”

    And then you have the very uncomfortable practice of guys playing female characters to, admittedly and without shame, stare at their ass all day. Because making a male toon to represent yourself is apparently viewed by male gamer populations as “gay” … (and this is a really stupid mindset when you take into consideration that most women play female toons in games where characters are customizable. The only difference is you see more female toons with emphasis on a pretty face and proportioned bodies over disproportioned emphasis on breasts and butts)

    In a nutshell, the male gamer community typically turns the majority of female gamers off to the point that many females either choose to hide their gender or not play videogames at all. The gaming community at large is inherently sexist and hostile towards females, and in an industry that has a long history of both objectifying and hyper-sexualizing the female gender to cater to the male audience… it should come as no surprise.