Why There Aren’t More Female Gamers… [ COMIC ]

“When your father stood up, told me I sucked and then exposed himself on Xbox Live I knew I was going to marry him someday.”

I was pressing the random button in the comic navigation when I finally came across this comic. And it got me thinking… If I was a female, I think the number one thing to turn me off of gaming would be the creepy male gamers. Now, I’m not saying all male gamers are creepy. Uh, case in point. But we’ve all been on Xbox Live and as such have seen some of the least common denominators that lurk on there. You know what I mean?

It’s that stigma that causes a lot of females to avoid what we consider non-casual gaming altogether. I personally don’t think it’s because these games supposedly aren’t geared towards them. A good game is a good game and there’s more than enough variety out there for everyone. No, I think the perception of the people they think game plays a lot into their desire to pursue gaming further.

But then again, I could be completely off. After all, I am one X gene short of really knowing what I’m talking about.