What if PvP… [ COMIC ]

Before I continue, the credit/idea for this strip must be given to Scott Dewitt. Its kind of funny, because today was always meant to be “What if Scott Kurtz created Dueling Analogs?” and then on Monday Scott (Dewitt) sends me this idea for this strip. I already had my version written, but the final panel with Harvey and Jeremy riding in Wario’s cart was the selling point on this version. Thanks Scott.

Speaking about another Scott, is of course Scott Kurtz the creator of PvP. PvP was the first webcomic I ever started reading and is one of the two webcomics I consider the reason I decided to create webcomics in the first place (the other is Real Life Comics). I still regularly read PvP and am equally a fan of all Scott has accomplished with the comic (way too many accomplishments to mention here… check out its Wikipedia entry for the details). Its still a great comic. Less gaming than it used to be, but the stories and character development make you forget about that really quickly. Also, I had the honor of doing a guest strip for PvP almost a year ago to the day… check that out as well.

My question in the previous comic about whether is is Basch Von or Basch Fon Ronsenberg… the answer is Fon. Fon is what they have subtitled in the actual game. Most of you emailed me explaining that it should be Von because of the German ties to the name, but apparently the developers chose to go with the phonetic spelling when they translated it. Thanks to everyone who emailed me.