Electric Dreams [ COMIC ]

When I first started doing Dueling Analogs, I never once thought I would be drawing Ash Ketchum naked. I guess dreams really can come true ;P

Seriously. If you were a Pokemon and you were forced to live inside a little ball and the only time you came out was when your oppressor released you to battle your brethren creatures… What would you dream about?

As far as Pokemon related games. I’m excited to see how Pokemon Battle Revolution turns out for the Wii. Especially how the connectivity works with the Nintendo DS.

Lastly, make sure to head over to Bored and Evil today. The comic has changed created ownership. Originally, my friend Robert Koch was doing the comic…now my friend Richard Kirsch is. Its going to be interesting to see how he interprets the strip. Especially if you’ve been reading it regularly for the past two and a half years.