So long, King Bowser (Part I) [ COMIC ]

This is what we call the setup. Dueling Analogs has also been a self-encapsulated comic… you never had to read any previous comic to get the joke of another. I had two ideas for strips about King Koopa being tried and I wasn’t sure which one I liked better. So I told the ideas to a friend of mine and he said why not do both. After that, two strips turned into three, then into four and then into a whole story arc. The plan is even though each strip is part of a larger arc, to still create them like they are self-encapsulated.

I’ve got a question… do you think this comic and this shirt are related? I was googling images of Toad when I came across it. If its a coincidence, its a BIG one.

In a non-gaming related note, I saw this strip over at Cartridge Comics late last week and I just wanted to share.