So long, King Bowser (Part VIII) [ COMIC ]

Look at that, it was all just a dream… yay! So King Koopa never really died and now he plotting genocide against the Mushroom Kingdom. Don’t you love happy endings?

Technically, last Wednesday should have been the latest “What if…?” comic but since I was still doing the So long, King Bowser story it wasn’t. Wednesday’s comic might be one of two strips, but a lot depends on this and whether someone in the community does the joke I was thinking of before me. Regardless, the next “What if…?” will be next Wednesday.

Brand new shirt in the store. The front of the shirt says “I don’t have friends…” while the back says “I just know people who haven’t outlived their usefulness.” Come on, that’s comedic gold and a wicked shirt too. The shirt design actually comes from this strip, but I feel it can still be universally appreciated. Buy one TODAY!!!

I’m still talking about the outer circle as the two year celebration is still going strong. On Saturday yours truly did a guest strip from the outer circle, though I’m still not quite sure how that works. Yesterday’s strip was done by Joe Dunn of Joe Loves Crappy Movies and today’s was done by Erica Batton of value=dead_. And just as last year I am still updating the comic as usual right below the guest strips. Still a lot more guest strips to come, so make sure to check it out.

Oh, incase anyone was wondering everything is okay… and thanks.