Video Game Signs [ COMIC ]

The third panel in this comic reminds me of the first Friday 4Koma.

I guess I didn’t stress what the big announcement on Monday was hard enough. So as a second attempt here it is: After four and a half years there is finally going to be a Dueling Analogs book.

I was originally planning on running a pre-order for the book through, but after seeing the success that Multiplex and Theater Hopper had using KickStarter I decided to give them a chance instead. By the way, here is a link to the official “Dueling Analogs Book 1 KickStarter” page. Right now it seems as if the $25 range (behind the scene information, mention in the book, pack of three (3) stickers and signed copy of the book) is the popular pledge range in the project, but some of the higher ranges have some really cool benefits as well.

The drive runs through July 4th and unless the project is fully funded I won’t see a dime towards printing costs. That said if the total is not met you pay nothing either, so no worries there. So check it out and hopefully sign up as well. I’d really appreciate it.

And with that said, see you Monday…