What if Diesel Sweeties… [ COMIC ]

My guess is that they would still pretty much mean the same thing.

R. Stevens said via Twitter: “@pierski, nicely done!”

Richard Stevens, not to be confused with myself Steven Richard, creates Diesel Sweeties. And I felt that it would be a fun still to emulate. I like creating the sprite based What if…?s, but there’s so few of them. I mean you’ve got 8-bit Theater, Diesel Sweeties and… that’s about all I can think of. See what I mean?

Clarification: Let me specify that there are a lot of sprite based comics, but there are so few big name webcomics that use original sprites. Diesel Sweeties and Comet7 (which no longer updates) used their own custom sprites, but that’s about all I know about. I made an exception for 8-bit Theater because of being synonymous with sprite comics themselves.

Bored? Why not check out the previous What if…? installments. Or better yet check out the Dueling Analogs Book 1 project over at KickStarter.

Oh, here is a non anti-aliased version of comic before it was shrunk down for the website.


  • David Herbert

    If the internet has taught me anything, it’s that all girls enjoy having more than one player.

  • There’s also bobandgeorge.com…. but as the format of that comic is pretty-much story-based (and largely centred in the megaman multiverse) not sure it really lends itself to Dueling Analogs. Be cool to see your take on it though.

  • Serneum

    And don’t forget comet7.com, but it’s been a while since it was last updated. I really enjoy these “What if…?” comics. They give us a chance to see different styles of different artists and they are always an interesting and humorous read

  • DLG

    So where is this announcement? I recall today is Monday.

  • @DLG First ever Dueling Analogs book was the big announcement. I just forgot to wrap it accordingly in the post.

  • leo112358

    I suppose ‘Ansem Retort’ doesn’t count as a whatif?

  • @leo112358 I made a clarification in the post.

  • DWishR

    Wow, I feel like you read my post (on ‘Living Off of Your Webcomic’) and went straight for it. I’m deciding between the $25 and $75 pledge. It depends on how awesome/limited that t-shirt will actually be. Any chance we could find out or are you waiting to design it? And are you planning on just printing the T for the $75&up people or will you be selling some separately?

  • iMenchi

    What about that big announcement that you promised us for Monday?