This is PORTAL! [ COMIC ]

In 2007, there were two topics used more than anything else in webcomics: Portal and 300. In 2007, there were two topics that I did not do a single Dueling Analogs comic about: Portal and 300. Well, this isn’t 2007 anymore bitches!

In a steampunk world, Portal technology and the Spartans would be a perfect match. Take the current scenario. You’ve got someone falling infinitely. Pretty soon the person’s rate of decent will reach terminal velocity. At that speed if the descendant (or is it decendy?) could actually get a hold of ledge or something, what ever touched such ledge or something would look very reminiscent of a duck going into a airplane propeller. So without striking a single blow the Spartans have created the ultimate hell for said person. Either continue to fall until you inevitably starve to death or attempt to escape with gruesome consequences. And neither are death in battle that the Spartans males so long for.

I told Shawn and Brian that I was going to do this comic while I was at KatsuCon. Then, Scott did this comic last week. So I decided to wait until this week before I did my strip. You know what they say “Better late than pregnant never!”

That’s it. See you Monday.