Too Little, Too Late [ COMIC ]

I took a little creative license with GLaDOS so I could get the desired feel.

Portal has been around for a while now. Hell, my previous Portal comic was from February of ’08. But that doesn’t mean that Portal is an off limits game to do strips about. What about Team Fortress 2? Team Fortress 2 is still everywhere in the gaming webcomic community and that was part of the exact same Orange Box (like there’s another) that Portal came in as well. So I still say, “Okay for Portal.”

Honestly, I’m just rambling. I wanted to do the comic and there’s really nothing else I have to say about Portal until something about Portal 2 is announced. Until then I guess…

I added the stages of creative process of this comic to my deviantArt account. It shows the sketch, color flats and final image. Its interesting if you ever wanted to see the behind the scenes.

So that’s about it. See you back here on Monday. Unless, you want to add follow me on Twitter and then there’s a chance our paths will cross before then. Later!


  • mikeszekely

    Not the most amusingly funny Dueling Analogs I’ve read, but the art is some of the best stuff you’ve put in a comic. Chell especially is a stark contrast from the cartoonier style more common in your work, and I’m really digging the painted look.

  • I imagine GLaDOS singing the words. Hard to convey that in the comic format. Really enjoying the painted style. Monday’s comic will be interesting ;)

  • Pie

    oh companion cube how I miss thou…=(

  • context in case someone missed it

  • There’s quite a bit of plausible (unconfirmed) Portal 2 info here:

  • Halrawk

    I just played through portal again last night. I think you’re in the clear.

  • Portal is awesome forever, I heard they’re putting Still Alive into VGL, so yeah!

  • bidoopoo


    Steve just put a couple of musical notes around GLaDos’s words. Universal comic symbol for singing don’t cha know…

  • Youarecreative

    Wow you are too funny my friend, best wishes to you on your journey in life.

  • Did Glados intend for Chell to kill her?