The Ringer [ COMIC ]

This is the second of three comics in Wilson Week! Don’t know what Wilson Week is? Read the news from the previous comic to find out. Regardless, the first comic at Mr. Wilson requested was about Jak and Daxter. And since, well, this is Wilson Week… he can have it.

First off, I’m feeling a lot better and thanks to everyone that emailed me wishing me well. Hands down you are the coolest audience ever and I greatly appreciate everyone of you. Grassy ass!

Second, before this comic reached its “final stage” I posted a sketch version of the comic (here’s another copy of it). I asked you if when I’m running behind, would you rather see a sketch version of the comic or wait for the final product. Overall, you preferred me uploading the sketch version of the comic. But surprisingly the arguments for those against it were much more convincing. So I was at an impasse.

Then, I received an email from Cain Orca (congrats again, by the way) suggesting that I post a panel, or two, with none of the script. I actually thought that was an awesome idea. That way people can still see a sketch or two… something to hold you over, but nothing of the joke is apparent until the strip is finished. Seemed like the best of both worlds. Thanks, Cain.

For those of you that still want to see the process of creation, you’re in for a treat. With the last bits of the outer circle book finishing up (Remember to pre-order and save 10% off the cover price. This ends at midnight on the 31st), next month I will begin turning this comic into a full-size movie poster with much greater detail and much more stress for me then you can imagine. Should be fun.

Lastly, come back on Friday evening for the last of the comics in Wilson Week. See you then…