That’s Armor, Eh? [ COMIC ]

Ghost and Goblins is a game created specifically for masochists. Why? Because its that friggin’ hard. On top of that, God forbid you ever get the flaming torch… you might as well start over after that. That weapon is crap with a capital “C”. Fun game though, just really hard.

Oh, not to mention when you finally defeat Astaroth (the final boss) you would think you beat the game… right? Nope. You get sent back to the first level to repeat the whole thing all over again and only after you finish the game for a second time do you actually win. That’s the reason I underlined masochists in the first sentence.

Supposedly Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, the unofficial sequel to the Ghost and Goblins series, is rather difficult as well. Personally, I wouldn’t know because I haven’t played it yet… maybe some day.