Awkward Video Game Pickup Lines [ VIDEO ]

I honestly don’t know if it’s the horrible pickup lines or the awkward reactions these guys get while delivering them that are my favorite part of this video. Either way, I almost had tears coming out of my eyes while watching it.

source: YouTube


  • thewood

    “Because I’d love to hook up with you without CONTRA…. Ception” *Stares at camera because he knows he’s a badass*

    • X_Intolerable_X

      The whole thing was not funny until this point, then I finally LOST: THE GAME.

  • Javi

    OMGWTFBBQ!! BEST VIDEO EV… well not ever but for sure in the last twelve hours. I’ve LOL’d for minutes with this. I think the best of it is the way they put the name of the video games over the image – it’s kind of funny, somehow.