Rejected Mega Man Villains XI [ COMIC ]

First off, I want to give props where props are due. A while back some of the regular forums goers started posting their ideas for Rejected Mega Man Villains for the upcoming poster. I decided to use a few of said suggestions. As such the idea for Micro Man was from General WX, the idea for Wiki Man was from The Anarchyz, and Pirotechnix came up with Wiki Man’s catch phrase. Thanks guys! I also want to thank George Kelion for giving me the idea to do a Rejected Mega Man Villains and for making my day last Friday.

If you’re new to this, hit the archives. Include these three, there are thirty-three Rejected Mega Man Villains I have created (not included the yet to be released villains for the poster). So if you’ve missed them or just want to check them out again now is a good enough time as any.