System of the Downtrodden [ COMIC ]

Gone are my days where I have endless amounts of time to sit down in front of a console and play video games. Oh how I long for those days, but real life has a horrible way of sneaking up on you and ending such merriment. Oddly enough, in a time consuming turn of events, I now find myself sitting on the toilet and playing games on my iPhone for long periods of time. My wife is ever ready to inform me that I’m going to get hemorrhoids from such events, but my ass and longing for such gaming interaction say, “Hemorrhoids be damned!”

For the amount of time that I actually get a chance to game nowadays, I definitely get my money’s worth on the iPhone. While not as deep or intense as the games I can get from their console/computer brethren, the games I do play make comparable substitutes. I can still get all my favorite genres represented on the device, just in more bite size versions. And where a 15+ game on the console is considered getting my money’s worth out of a $60+ game, as long as I get 2+ hours of gameplay out of a $1 download I am more than happy.

Nonetheless these smaller versions are just a temp fix. As just like methadone, it can never be a substitute for the real thing.