Breast, Leg or Both?

Breast, Leg or Both?

Breast, Leg or Both?

by Steve Napierski to Comics

If you want to learn more about the iPhone application that this strip is based on, here’s a link to an article all about it over at Kotaku. Or you can just watch the video below.

Don’t forget we’re still taking pre-orders for the Mr. Masters (poster) over at from now until June 14th. The poster is regularly $9.95, but by pre-ordering it now you will save $2 off the regular price bringing it down to only $7.95. This poster includes all the Mr. Masters which are in turn parodies of the robot master bosses from Mega Man 1 – 10 and Mega Man Powered Up.

Lastly, I did release a new comic yesterday in the blog section. I would have made it a main comic, but odds are it would be too obscure for most of you.

  • David

    The chest is always the way to go. No unexpected surprises then. Also, boobs are awesome.

  • prime_pm

    And yet, we can’t watch even a medical show on the Ipad.

  • Deadhoof

    wow… just wow…

  • BigLord

    Party mode? Oh ffs………….

  • Jim

    Austin Powers: It’s a MAN, baby!

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    That is a nifty app. I’m just saying.

  • Moomaster

    The engrish at the beginning, “Lauch Apprication”, was fantastic

  • Maxwell

    Dude Looks Like A Lady