Dropping In To Say Goodbye [ COMIC ]

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So the first Windows 7 Phone Windows Phone 7 devices will start appearing in North America on November 8th. [1] One might infer from the above comic that I’m not thrilled about said event. One would be correct.

For starters I already own an iPhone. Perfectly happy with said device and unlike gaming consoles/handhelds you’re kinda married to one device (at least for the term of your contract). I’m also hearing the term “iPhone Killer” being thrown around. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that title suppose to be reserved for the Android platform. Yeah…

But my big problem with the new Windows Phone 7 devices is the Kin. You know, the “revolutionary” smartphone that Microsoft released in April and that was dead by June? Yeah, that one. So does that mean the Windows Phone 7 will be discontinued in January?

Now people are saying that Kin was like Vista and the Windows Phone 7 is like… Well, Windows 7. I get the analogy, but I have another. iPhone’s 200,000+ app store is like a supermarket and the Windows Phone 7 2,000 app store is like 7-11. But then again, I guess that’s what one can expect from Apple. You know, the largest tech company in the world.* [2]

As always, I welcome you to chime in with your own opinions in the comment section below. And one last thing, the obligatory iPhone4 vs HTC Evo (NSFW) video after the fold.

*I apologize for this longtime Apple user moment.


  • I sort of expected an evidence-backed, intelligent review of the upcoing Windows Phone 7 platform.

    All I got was a fanboy rant.

    What do.

    • Fanboy rant… That’s actually quite funny. It’s not a review, but if you actually look beyond the sarcasm I did make some valid points.

      • Skiggs

        No, he’s right, it’s basically a fanboy rant. Apple may have passed MS as “largest tech company in the world”. So what, larger doesn’t mean better. And the difference between first and second isn’t that much, to say the least. You mention app difference in numbers. Iphone is on what 4 years now? Thats a lot of time for Apps to be developed. And, in that same time frame, I’m sure a somewhat equal amount could arise for the Windows Phone 7. A logical fallacy or lack of consideration of how things could happen does not equal a good argument, it’s a form of deflection, IE trying to draw attention away from the products strong points for what you feel are it’s weak points, and focusing soley on them. Considering the lack of logic, (IE ignoring the amount of time either has been on the market) it makes that a useless point to try and make. Again on the apps, perhaps you’ve head the term Quality over Quantity? More apps doesn’t mean better apps.

        Now for your analogy supermarket vs 7 eleven. I’m changing 7 eleven to quick check for the sake of the analogy. I want a good sub, or fresh cofee, or some food of the same quality as the supermarket without the hassle. Boom, quick check wins, because it’s faster, more convenient, and generally has better quality or better prices on the items it sells.

        Is that entirely accurate? Maybe, maybe not. Same could be said for your analogy.
        Then there is the whole “But then again, I guess that’s what one can expect from Apple. You know, the largest tech company in the world” And yes you cited that, and it may be accurate, but Like I said, there isn’t much of a difference between 1st and Second when it comes to this, especially when it’s based on numbers of sales and nothing else. To stress that point, Windows makes all of the same types of products as apple and more. It just means apple’s better at selling and advertising their product, and nothing more.

        Now I’d just like to state that I am neither for or against the Windows 7 phone, or the Iphone, I personally don’t really care for either, and don’t plan to get or spend money on either. The whole point of my argument was to demonstrate lack of decent points, based on logical fallacies and bad assumptions, and how, specifically with your one quote, it was more a fanboy’s rant than an “article” (I’ll call it that for lack of a true name/better one?) that was well thought out and making any valid points.

        In your defense though, you’re right, this isn’t a review, and while you own a phone you are pretty much tied to one phone, unless you have a small fortune to change to a knew one and/or break your phone and get a new one. And that’s the only valid point I saw made.

        I’ll end my rant here. I could easily argue the other side too, but I like to make people defend whatever it is they’re saying with more than “I like this, don’t like this” and need some hard facts. And since the Windows 7 Phone has yet to be released, hard facts on why it’s worse or better than the Iphone don’t exist. So you really can’t make that argument.

        • Danny Perez

          And adding on to the “biggest tech company in the world”-WRONG. Number one, Windows still controls I *think* 90% of the marketshare. Number two, what Apple passed MS in was Market Cap. Meaning the total cost of stocks- NOT how big the company is. Apple stock is notoriously overpriced. Microsoft still pulls an estimated $12 BILLION more then Apple. So.. yeah.

          Also, it was a fanboy rant.

        • One, if you’re going to argue that then you need to take up that issue with a lot more than just me as the posted link and many others on the net disagree with you.

          Two, marketshare is irrelevant. If company A creates 10 items and sells them at $100 each and company B creates 100 items and sells them at $1 each. Company A is still the bigger company.

          Three, $12 billion more. Nice number? Did it actually come from somewhere? You would think that someone, from the many countless sites at mentioned this on the net, would have known this. But as of right now, as far as I can tell, only you knew that.

          Four, how many fanboy rants end with a video joking on the actual product and people who buy the product that they are suppose to be ranting for?

          • Cory Cummings

            “Two, marketshare is irrelevant.”

            I kind of stopped reading there. I hate the Xbox 360 and the Wii (so by default, I’m a PS3 fanboy), but to deny their marketshare when discussing ANYTHING related to consoles is ridiculous. In fact, that’s one of the major tell-tale signs of a fanboy. PS3 is selling well now, but it’s nothing compared to the monolithic sales of Wii, or even the runner-up, 360.

            Microsoft might not be the largest tech company in the world, but they don’t NEED to be. They own every worthwhile computer in the world already. They could simply say, “Guess what? That Windows Phone 7 more readily connects to Windows PCs (and all those ironic Windows Macs) than those iPhones.”

            All that said, fuck the iPhone and fuck the Windows Phone 7. The Android OS covers many different phone models over several phone companies. It’s more readily available to people who don’t want to get fucked my AT&T, as well as to people who still feel iPhones are overpriced pieces of plastic for what they are and what they do. Android phones are the PCs to Mac’s iPhones. Competition between companies makes them fight to make their models cheaper/better, all while sharing an operating system and Marketplace so as to not penalize you for picking the wrong phone. An open operating system. It’s why PC has been and will always be more popular than Mac.

            I hope, in time, you realize how silly you are for defending Apple products, contract or no. I understand that they are an industry standard for “artsy guy making a living off of the interwebs”, but that doesn’t mean you get down on your knees and let them blow the load that is iPhone in your face.

        • Danny Perez

          By market share, I meant the amount of people who use Windows on their computers. probably could’ve been clearer.
          By $12 billion, the exact same link you posted. I read the article when it came out, and I quote: “Apple’s annual revenue was $42.9 billion in the most recent fiscal year, versus Microsoft’s $58.4 billion.
          And as for fanboy rant? It just smells of fanboy rants. And I can smell fanboy rants. For instance: bragging “largest tech company in the world”, “my product is bigger then yours”, “(opposing product) is going to go away so soon, mwuhahaha” etc. I calls ’em as I sees ’em.
          Loved the video.

          Read More http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2010/05/apple-passes-microsoft/#ixzz12SksBT82

        • Tim

          Just to drop some of the numbers you requested:

          But Apple is indeed quite good at creating a huge income out of a virtually non existing market share.. Might have something to do with their ability to sell grossly overpriced products :)

    • CVV

      yeah this was one of the most misdirected rants I have ever seen. The Kin was an oddball. You had to pay the extra money for the data plan when it really wasn’t a full smart phone.

      Windows Phone 7 imo, is a damn beautiful operating system. The metro UI is intuitive, unlike android and iOS. It’s not just icons bring you to an app, it’s all integrated into the UI.

  • David Herbert

    I haven’t bothered to get an iPhone or iPad. I’m good with my iPod and have another phone that’s always worked for me. I just don’t need the apps and such.

    • AnonMan

      I completely agree with this. The only reason I’m getting a Droid (I’m a Consumer Reports buff) once my contract is up is for the little, non-app things that my current phone doesn’t have (in particular, a planner…).

  • Lax

    Apart from the iPod, all the other Apple products suck, especially your precious iPhone which kind spells “douche app” all over it. If this latest endeavor by Microsoft is like Windows 7, than we can assume that it’s gonna be a success (and I truly hope that it kills off the iPhone, FOR GOOD). And btw, half the apps (100 000+) are worthless, so I’m guessing the MS apps were chosen carefully in order of practicality and coolness

    • Phaelin

      I really, honestly, feel like this comment was complete sarcasm. But it wasn’t… was it?

      • Ashley F

        I think it was a Microsoft Fanboy who hate’s Apple because he’s never tried it… Don’t get me wrong, both Microsoft and Apple both have pro’s and con’s. It’s all about what your using it for. Their’s a reason the Military doesn’t use Apple… It would be totally useless for what is needed.

        • Skiggs

          This is infinite win. My favorite argument for or against either platform is that each is practical for certain applications.

          Having used and use both, Apples are, for example, if you have money for the ridiculous price of the software, better for Image creating, and music composition and other such projects. Windows computers are better for customization of the system you use, gaming, and coding (game or product development I guess is a better word?!?). So each has it’s pros and cons.

        • Agree. I’ve been a Mac user for over a decade now. It is what the industry uses, so it’s what I use. As such I game on my consoles. I’ve changed my habits of gaming on the computer. Honestly, it’s not such a bad thing. If I’m in my office on the computer I’m working. Not gaming. Helps up the productivity quota.

    • Lax
  • Well, iPhones and iPod Touches and all that shit have been out for a good few years now… meaning it’s had PLENTY of time for Apps to be made for it…. this new phone has been out for -0.5 months… so it makes sense that it doesn’t have many Apps.
    Plus, Apple products will have the hardcore following of fanboys… whilst windows just have everyone else who isn’t really fussed… but probs already have an iPhone or iPod Touch seeing as it has been out longer….

  • DArtagnon

    Android phones are killing the iphone, at least as far as my contacts show. As many of my friends have iphones as blackberries, and both of those together is closer to droid land. I don’t know the stats, but from what I’ve seen, droid has done an awesome job of gobbling up market share.
    And Windows sux.* (See above, but put a ‘too’ before ‘long’ and replace ‘Apple’ with ‘Windows’ and append ‘… but the Zune is okay’)

  • LosLobos

    fanboy much? I love Apple’s products, but WP7 isn’t a phone, it’s an OS. the longevity in that might just be enough to nudge into Apple’s marketshare.

    • Anon

      This. The real fight isn’t “iPhone v. Droid v. Window Phone 7” it’s iOS v. Android v. Windows Phone 7. imho, the fact that to dev for the iOS you need the SDK, which only runs on Mac OS… which can only be legally installed on an Apple-branded computer is what will do it in eventually. I don’t remember the link as it was ages ago, but I saw a comparison between droid and iphone app markets taking into account… you know, only apps that are downloaded by more than 2 people and the differences are nowhere near as significant as Apple would like you to believe. You really don’t need 1k choices for flashlight apps.

      • You’re right it really is the iOS vs. Windows Phone 7 vs. Droid.

        But consider that Droid being just an OS. Without having a standard phone, apps are being created for the most current/powerful version of a phone that runs it’s OS. So after a couple months this phone you just bought win no longer run a lot of the current apps that are being released. Apple having control over the hardware as well does not have this problem, but the phones running Windows Phone 7 will.

        • Vinnie

          Have you got any evidence whatsoever to support this accusation, most major app developers are looking to get the maximum target audience possible, and as such try to create apps compatible with Android 1.6 and that generation of phone hardware. Your statement is just like my saying that because there is the iPhone4 none of the new iPhone apps will work on the iPhone3g.

        • To support that the phone you buy becomes out dated in a few months? My coworkers personal experiences and the people I know who develop for the Android platform. Remember, it’s just an OS and as such isn’t as regulated as the iPhone which Apple controls the OS and the hardware for.

          But I recommend Googling “android obsolete quickly” and start reading what people are saying about their own experiences.

        • Andrew

          Um I own an iPhone 3G and a lot of the newer applications only support the 3GS and up. Heck even the latest OS isn’t fully supported on the 3G.

        • DArtagnon

          Old apps still work on old phones. People still develop old apps. New apps will only work on new phones. This is not an argument. Your phone will be outdated in 6months, nearly obsolete in 2years. Apple controlling their hardware with an iron grip (and this has been argued since the beginning of time) only drives up the price of their product, and gives the illusion of quality through limited choice. If you delay or neglect to implement features on your OS, you are WORSE–not better–than the companies that update their OS and only the latest phones can use the new features.
          My friend bought an Eris. I got a Droid. At the time of purchase, they were nearly equal. Now mine (the more expensive, higher quality hardware) can do things that his can’t. His is not worse now; it is simply outdated. It still works at its full capacity. Mine’s capacity is simply higher. The limits of 1-party hardware in a competitive market are greater than the benefits. (eg. the computer market)

        • Dave

          Actually Windows Phone 7 won’t have this problem. Windows Phone is being licensed as an OS *and* associated hardware requirements. The hardware requirements are such that any device running Windows Phone 7 will be able to run applciations built for the platform. Vendors will have to differentiate hardware by things like hard keyboard vs. virtual, amount of storage memory (not RAM), resolution of camera (not below a minimum), etc. This was a big problem for Windows Mobile 6.5 and earlier but is one fo the design issues that was specifically addressed in Windows Phone 7.

  • KefkaticFanatic

    This time around, the hardware is actually looking reasonable. It’s not just a fancy dumbphone like the KIN phones were. Also, I’m loving that it has a UI similar to the Zune HD. However, I’ve been set on wanting an Android phone for quite a while, and something really nice would have to turn up for me to be convinced.

  • SecondTomorrow

    how many of those 200,000+ apps are also useless, completely stupid apps that serve absolutely no purpose. windows phone 7 isn’t even out yet, so that’s leveraging something with a 4 year start. i own an android phone, i like my android phone. the kin sucked, it was a poor attempt at hitting a target that no one could see. i don’t hate the iphone, and to be honest i don’t really like windows mobile at all. but you can’t dismiss a device that you can’t even use yet.

    • How many of those 2,000 apps are useless, rushed or ports?

  • odderz

    Does anyone know what kind of price Windows Phone 7 will be at in the UK? Even if it has considerably less apps and whatever, it’ll expand in time, and if the price compensates for that enough in the meantime I don’t think it’ll be so bad…

    I’ve been considering getting an Android phone for a while now, since you can get a cheap Android for about £200, but an iPhone is going to £300(Last gen) to £400(Current gen) so the monetary savings kinda make up for it.

  • lulz

    at least it’s not from apple

  • Mike

    What doesn’t make sense is that everybody who “hates” (read: loves but too stubborn to admit it) the iPhone is on Android or Blackberry… what market is MS trying to capture? If the 360 “kinnection” is the biggest draw there is already apps on iPhone and Android that lets you track your gamertag & friends. Seems like it will get lost in the fold of far superior products.

  • NeedsAName

    How does Apple pass Microsoft for biggest tech company in the world? Microsoft bailed out Apple before the iPod and still owns a good 40% in the company.

  • Lokhai

    One mans opinion: Apple (a company I dislike) is one of the most ingenious companies around. Buddy of mine pointed this out to me and I felt like an idiot for not seeing it. What Apple has done is they have taken their most popular product and constantly released it with new features and in different sizes.

    The iPod, make it bigger you have an iPad, make that bigger and you have their all in one computers. Now make them smaller again and add a phone and you have an iPhone.

    Now Google ( a company I love btw) had phones before Android if anyone remembers the G1, but it failed. The day Google makes computers is the day I stop working IT.

    I love my Droid phone for so many reasons. Yes is plays mp3s, yes it has tons of apps (if you have the right frigging firmware :| ) and various other things. But it was designed to DO, not to be a hip toy. With apps such as the Stargazer, and SmartMeasure, Google Goggles, barcode scanners etc etc, it really is a TOOL. I just wish it were made by the swiss army and came with a pocket knife (that’s kind of a joke).

    My take on the Windows Phone… well I despise Microsoft. For the longest time I boycotted Xbox until I finally had to just give in. Now if that Windows phone allows me to remote view into my computer, or act as a controller for my Xbox that’s a bonus. If it allows for wireless uplink of saves, gamertag etc etc also a bonus. But just throwing an OS on a phone doesn’t make it awesome.

    Give me a phone that actually DOES make my life easier. Don’t get me wrong, I like playing games, but I want real applications that can help me in my every day.

    Oh well, just one mans opinion.

    • Highlord Fox

      Ahem, my “Last-Gen” Windows 6.5 phone lets me remote desktop into my computer. Honestly, I’m working off a phone that’s nearly a year and a half old in design, and it does what I need it to do- Store contact information, send/receive emails, use it as a phone, check the web, etc. It might not have the massive number of apps all the Win 7 and Droid and iOS phones do, but it can run 90% of all the Pocket PC applications that have ever been created.

      Anyway, the Kin was an experiment, which failed. Win 7 Mobile is the real replacement for Win 6.0/6.5, just as Windows 7 is the real replacement for Windows XP.

      And has anyone notices Mac OSX has been around since 2001, and they have yet to move to version 11?

  • Tinq

    I don’t know anyone with an iphone. I do know a few people with Droids, though, so there you go.

    • I’m quite the opposite. Most of the programmers and developers own iPhones. Only a handful one Droids. But then again I work in IT. So not sure if that makes a difference.

  • I must agree with a previous statement, the iPhone and any Mac product act more as a fashion statement then of anything else. They’re just some hip accessory for your belt that makes funny noises.
    And yeah, sure it has a lot of attention but that might be due to for about 3 years it really being the only thing of its type, which is why it will have so many more Apps than the other 2, due to being out longer… :S That’d be like saying “The PS2 has more games than the Xbox360, thus meaning it is a better console.” When as great as the PS2 is, the 360 will out do it on the hardware front, the PS2 has just been out longer.
    I would be more tolerant if the Apps did something, sure the ones for twitter and facebook are all fine and dandy and useful then you get so many other ones which are pointless, when a phone can give me a spray on tan or toast some bread I’ll be pleased.
    Plus, you can’t moan by going “Oh those apps are just ports from the iPhone” when as I’ve said earlier, iPhone was the only one up, if a producer wants it on there, we can’t judge. The producer of the App will want it to be on as many platforms as possible to get it out there.
    This whole thing seems a bit juvenile…

    • I honestly look at these discussions like I look at how a battered wife talks about her husband: You’re going to defend the one you have regardless of how you’re treated because it’s yours.

      • I have a really cheap Nokia phone, thank you very much… and a Creative Zen MP3 player… sure I have a windows PC but that can’t count… so yeah :D I can’t say I’m defending the one I own…

  • Adam

    All the people that think Steve’s a fanboy, did you actually watch the video? Even what he said didn’t make him sound like a fanboy really. Chill out.

  • Chris Goodno

    I own an iPhone 4 and owned an iPhone 3G and I love it for what it is. It’s perfect for listening to and managing my music/tv shows/movies. Great Web browser. Great OS. Good source of resource, utility, and game apps. Cameras are great for what I need.

    I’ve been plagued by people who are definitely anti-iPhone saying how I’m a tool for not getting an Android. I’m very likely going to hear the same from those same people with Win 7 phones. The simple truth is, why would I switch to a new phone that forces me to buy all over again the apps I’ve found and grown attached to on my iPhone? I mean, honestly, they’re not going to be different apps because they’re made by the same people and ported to every OS they can get their apps on.

    The simple answer is that until a company comes out with something that is a must have and offers something important that the iPhone doesn’t, I’m not going to be switching. I’ve got all my apps on the iPhone, all my music is formatted for the iPhone and some of it is even limited to the iPhone. Much like how Windows OS is my bread and butter, iPhone has become my portable bread and butter.

  • pwnstr

    how many of the 200,000 + apps do people use. the average user has maybe 100…200? plus, did apple launch the iphone with 200,000+ apps? no. every app store, gaming library, music collection and so on has to start somewhere. the phone and the os are brand new. the app list can only grow to meet apples list…

    • True, but Apples list will grow as well. So unless Apples list stops growing, they will be hard pressed to catch up. Also iPhones are integrated with the iTunes which people who had iPods were already using.

      • sheppy

        But this may surprise you. Not all of us like iTunes. Hell, it’s buggy. glitchy, constantly in need of updating which in turn hides entire sections of the store, and frankly, sucks to navigate and incorporate a huge MP3 library unless it all has just the right types of tags. Of course I’m talking about the Windows version of iTunes. And that’s the problem with it. Apple works well with Apple. Nothing and nobody else. If you have a Mac, an iPod, iPad, and iShoe, you’re doing great. Remove one of those things and you’re in trouble and realize just how “unfriendly” Apple products are with the rest of the world.

        Case in point? iPods are the ONLY MP3 player on the market that requires middleware installation. Even Sony gave this crap up a long time ago. Can’t mention this because then you get into “battered wife syndrome” and you’re naturally defending the last 6 MP3 players you owned because they were the ones you owned. Of course when the last 7th MP3 player was an iPod Nano that turned you so sour on the experience as a whole that even “those crappy Zunes” are a massive improvement, that’s irrelevant. You can’t NOT like an Apple Product. It’s physically impossible. Join the cult… one of us… one of us…

        • toggi3

          “Case in point? iPods are the ONLY MP3 player on the market that requires middleware installation.”


        • ph34rs33k3r

          It’s not just the Windows version. I was stuck using a Mac for a while. It still bugs out in iTunes all day every day when you have to import MP3s. I’ll be damned if I use their format and get stuck not using it anywhere else. Also the Mac OSX freezes more often than any version of Windows I’ve ever used. I was really disappointed to see that with all the problems Vista ever had, this Mac froze infinitely more than my Vista computer did. Not that I’m willing to defend Windows either. Necessary evil of the gaming computer.

  • guardianmega

    The problem with the whole commentary statemnet is that I don’t believe for a second that Windows Phone 7 is going to be battling it out with iPhone as its primary compeditor. Rather, it is Android that WP7 will be taking users from. Why? Phone preferance. Quite a few people who want a smartphone are either enamored with Apple and their products, or hate their guts. Anyone who is in the previous category will always go for the iPhone. The latter, on the other hand, had no real substantial alternative to Android before now. With WP7, they now have an alternative. For the record, I doubt that Android will lose much ground to WP7 since it has a head start and a steadily growing user base.

    Of course, there are always those that don’t feel one way or another about Apple. But as for them:

    I mostly credit 1. the good vibes Verizon’s line of Droid phones has been generating, and 2. the iPhone 4 Antenna debacle.

    • guardianmega

      Oh, and one more thing: Windows 7, despite my earlier comments, probably shouldn’t be underestimated:

      (Be sure to read to the bottom of the article.)

      • Chris Goodno

        I chucked at this part: “Dell is likely to become a Windows Phone 7 licensee and ship a product with all of Dell’s normal quality, solidity, and reliability.”

        • guardianmega

          Why did that make you chuckle? Dell products on the whole tend to be pretty good. I’m an IT Technician for a local transit company who has to work with a LOT of Dell products every day, and I’ve never had any really big problems with their products. I haven’t with any I’ve bought for home use, either.

        • ph34rs33k3r

          I had 3 Dell laptops and those things were always junk. The power cable always crapped out, the monitors would blank and flash out, and inevitably the motherboard would get fried even when I rarely used it.

  • Will

    I’m not sure if this has been discussed but Android has surpassed the iPhone in marketshare.

    I read one post about Apple releasing the same product in different sizes. i totally agree. But at the same time they’re still good products. I HATE Apple as a company and Steve Jobs, but they do produce quality products

    I think the Kin was a stupid idea from the get. I facepalmed when they announced that when WinMo7 was going to be released. But I find it funny that you’re judging WinMo 7 by the Kin. That’s just all wrong and you are being pretty ignorant.

    I don’t think WinMo7 will take over android or iphone. But as long as their app store gets up and running like Androids has then it will be succesful and a major player in the cell phone market. Maybe not right away, but it will be. I mean the Iphone has been running for 4yrs. Of course they have a lot of apps. They definitely didn’t start with an app store though. Android has been consistenly overtaking the Iphone in terms of monthly App development for a while now.

  • Ido

    I thought you were a Microsoft fanboy at some point, but now I see that it’s worst! Apple fanboyism is not something funny.

  • sheppy

    I will say it simply like this.

    Competition is good. Lack of competition is bad. Example, iPhone, or more appropriately, AT&T. AT&T is a problem. A problem they are ignoring simply because, hey, they have the iPhone. Android is gain steam, Windows 7 Phone is getting hype, AT&T is losing it’s exclusive deal with Apple. MAYBE, just MAYBE your $600 phone won’t be prone to dropped calls in the near future and perhaps, and this is just an off chance, people won’t suffer from “choked pipes” in Major Metro areas. See? Competition?

    So maybe instead of looking at Windows 7 as a threat, which this rant certainly says you do, think of it in another way. Now, MAYBE, Apple has a reason to EARN your loyalty. Which is something they haven’t had to do thus far and it definitely shows.

  • luWangui

    What an appropriate comic title, since, coupled with that fanboy rant, pretty much convinced me to do the same!
    The quality of the comics on this site have been declining the last 6 months or so, and listening to the clearly biased bashing of a new product like that just makes me unable to relate to your opinions.
    I’ve been reading your comic for a couple of years, but now i must bid you adieu!

    • Bob

      Funny, thinking same thing.

  • Uncle Ben

    Blatant Apple fanboy rant. The iphone 4 has difficulty making phone calls when held in your hands (No, really. Completely serious. Follow me here).
    Good old Steve’s solution? “Don’t hold the phone”. http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2010/jun/25/iphone-reception-problems-solved

    Microsoft may have it’s share of technology problems, but they at the very least offer replacements for what they deem faulty hardware. If I buy a several hundred dollar piece of equipment I expect better service. And I particularly expect to be able to make phone calls on what’s only the fourth hardware revision of something with “phone” printed directly on it.

    Besides, the windows 7 phone is not what’s going to be big. It’s going to be the smartphone software itself. If it works, the basic hardware requirements for it will become standardized on many phones, and they’ll all have access to that same applications store. The zune may have commercially failed relative to the ipod, but you know what? That zune marketplace is still strong and kicking thanks to the xbox. If they start including something like that standard on new phones, we’ll get to a point where you can buy the basic features of an iphone for a LOT less cash. Give it a year. Then give it 4.

    • With great power, comes a so-so Microsoft Fanboy rant. Seriously, anyone defending Zune is a Microsoft Fanboy.

      The Microsoft development process is to release before it’s time. Their software (ie. Vista) and hardware (ie. Xbox 360) are released buggy. The hope is to fix them down the road with patches and updates if they’re even support it.

      And willing to defend a position does not a fanboy rant make.

      • Todd

        The Xbox patches arent as bad as the PS3 ones. haha.
        Im sticking with nokia.

      • guardianmega

        This statement acts as if Windows 7 does not exist. And Windows 7 proves that Microsoft learned from the mistakes that they made with Vista. That contradicts your argument.

  • Iceholder

    So, why are all the people who are calling the author a fanboy, well, calling him a fanboy? All I see is someone with an opinion, not a fanboy. I mean, it’d be one thing if he was like that customer in the video, but he’s not.

  • Drevik

    Meh. Owned an ipod. Probably still have it somewhere. Not dumb enough to buy a microsoft phone because well… Zune sucked and and I’m not a huge fan of their os. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t have an iphone or ipad. I don’t have any desire to go with At&T and I don’t really see a need to own an Ipad. I have a droid phone and I love it. does everything I want and I am perfectly content to keep using it.
    And I don’t care about either company. One is owned by a guy in a pretentious hippy outfit and the other is owned by the devil.

  • Brandon

    Wow, lots of comments. May as well put in my $0.02.

    I’ve used both the HTC series touch phones and the Iphone (different ones, including the 3G). Didn’t use the kin. Could care less about the Windows Phone 7. Haven’t used an Android yet, but that’s the one I’d likely buy if I could afford it right now. For the general public (and apparently IT guys?), the Iphone is probably the better choice. It just does pointless things for you to waste your time with. If you actually have to make phone calls, and don’t care much about the relatively useless apps (yes, there are a few useful ones, but overall even the useful ones are rather lacking), then the Iphone is a joke.

    And for the guy that argued that market share isn’t irrelevant? You’re just plain wrong. Example: 2,000 people buy their shampoo from CHAIN STORE. 20 people buy their shampoo from LOCAL SHOP. I guarantee you that those 20 people all have smoother, healthier hair than the 2,000.

  • Ejigantor

    People sure do seem to get worked up about their phones- the mine is better than yours, you’re a fanboy, [company] is evil – I don’t know… I don’t quite get it, but then I tend to be an early-enthusiast/late-adopter (I love the idea of cutting edge technology, but can seldom afford it till it’s old)… I though the iPod was an interesting idea, but was never *that* into music so went without an mp3 player until I found one I had to have (The Music Label Soundwave (Transformers) MP3 player) and I only upgraded from my 5 year old freebie-cheapie phone because I had to change providers (it was so old it didn’t even have a removable sim card).

    When I was shopping for my new phone, I had three basic requirements – I required a full physical keyboard, a phone that’s not so tiny/flimsy I can’t hold it or use it without fear of breaking it, and I wanted it to be something that I liked. My keyboard requirement ruled out the iPhone, though I wouldn’t have gotten one anyway- I’m not anti-Apple (quite like my MacBook) but all the people I know / work with who have iPhones are kinda jerks about it, and while I don’t find Android to be appealing either (I have an inherent distrust of google) I probably would have gone with an Android phone if I had found one that I liked. I did some shopping around for phones, and fell in love with the Nokia N97 when I saw it on a website, and I got that shipped to me (since it’s not available in US retailers, only the mini which is smaller and therefor less appealing to me) in February and I’ve loved it since I got it. I don’t know how many apps are in the app store since I rarely use it, but I’ve got touchscreen, full web browser with flash, email, wifi, secondary front-facing camera (with Skype app for video chat) internal 32GB + microSD, and it’s more than I need- I honestly don’t see myself replacing this in the next 5 years.

    But then, this is my phone, and I use it like a phone / communication portal (I text far, far more than I call) and to quickly look things up- it’s also taken the place of my MP3 player when I’m out walking since it works for that and I don’t need to carry a second device for that- but it’s not an all around entertainment device, and I don’t need to be entertained every single moment- I don’t need a game to play or something to do any time I’ve got 30 unoccupied seconds. I’ve been to far too many “social gatherings” that consisted of a group of people all sitting around playing with their phones, and if they do interact at all, it’s just to bash each other’s devices.

    In short, Windows Phone 7 is probably a good thing- competition inspires innovation, but I’ll probably remain a bystander in this whole phone war thing, as I don’t really understand why people get worked up. I mean, they’re just phones.

  • rob

    Bleh iphone sucks anyway soley because AT&T sucks ass

  • seth

    If you truly knew what you were talking about, you’d understand that the Kin was developed completely separately from WP7 and that it was pure coincidence and bad timing for it to come out as late as it did and in the same year as WP7. It was never touted as or supposed to be a smart phone, much less a revolutionary one.

    And comparing the quality of a phone to the size of its app store? That’s like trying to tell me Walmart is superior to Trader Joe’s for groceries because it carries more stuff. Big fucking deal. Thousands of fart apps do not make your phone any good.

    WP7 is going to be much like android. Slow start, but will eventually ramp up. Sprint and Verizon won’t even have their devices until 2011. Give it some time, it might end up holding a huge share of the market. I’m very excited for 2012 when my contract is up, because I’ll have at least three very solid platforms to choose from – Android, Windows Phone 7, and yes, despite the itunes bloatware, focus on form over function, and restrictive policies of a company run by an abhorrently self-obsessed man, iOS.

  • Kroll

    Let me send you a picture by bluetooth to your iPhone =)

  • Hobohodou

    Yo, Steve !

    Work in a store, I hate phones really, but they’re a necessary evil, and i still know the most out of our entire phone store, it’s nice that you like the iPhone and all, but hey, windows phone 7 isn’t an “iPhone killer” it’s a different experience, and one that android can’t offer…

    I reccomend you pickup a zuneHD if you get the chance, play around with it and realise this OS is meant for people who can flow into their tasks…

    As for the iPhone, I hated it, but hell, it’s still one of the top 3 phones on the market right now, if only Apple could fix their software a little…

  • whacko

    I would like to point out that Android in reality _is_ the iPhone killer.

    It may not seem like it at the moment and it is definitely hard to see from an Apple-fan’s particular point of view but in the last year Android has gone from about 4% World Market Share to about 18% in 2010. By comparison it took the iPhone 4 years to reach its current 15% World Market Share.

    Situations change and todays trends might not continue tomorrow (Android is expected to capture ~22% WMS next years, vs. the iPhone’s projected ~17%) but Google’s Android business model has already proven far more successful than Apple’s. Every retailer that carries an iPhone worldwide carries at least 2 Android phones, and more and more Android phone models are shipping out to stores every day.

    Now that Windows Phone 7 is ready to come out with a very similar business model, if the OS is as good as people expect it to be (and in terms of interface and hardware it looks very good) unless Apple can come out with a revolutionary change to the iPhone, soon it will be Android & WP7 competing for market share leadership while Apple falls to a distant third.

    In a world where only Apple is making a product for a particular niche (consumer smartphones, different than the business oriented smartphones made by RIM) they have had a relatively easy time of growing market share and customers. But now that other companies offer competing products that are just as good and in many ways better, Apple needs to step it up or else they will be relegated to their own tiny corner of the tech world just like they are in the Desktop & laptop computer markets.

    And make no mistake, if the iPhone suffers a serious decline in market share so to will the rest of Apple’s product lineup.

  • Dr Lolcakes

    Wow, great first impression. Come here, see this.


    • guardianmega

      Give it a chance. This is actually a really awesome comic.

  • guardianmega
    • Yeah, Scott Raymond contacted me about using that comic on ZDNet, which I thought was very cool and professional of him.

      • It’s always nice to be appreciated. :)

        Check your email later today, working on 2 new articles this week.

  • Atomsk

    You know, I’m okay living without a smartphone. I’m 21 and in college. I’m content as long as my phone can text and make calls.

    I guess I’m old school in that I kind of enjoy having a separate machine in my pocket for playing music. I just got one of the newest ipod touches this weekend (the one that can take video in HD, whether or not I believe that is yet to be proven. I haven’t taken a video with the camera.) and I really love the new features. I can skype on the go. It has new games that are fun on the go. The kind you sit down and play for 5 minutes, then get up and do something else.

    I like Apple products because they’re gimmicky and neat. I can’t afford Apple products (save for my ipod), but that doesn’t mean I dislike Microsoft. As far as computers go, Microsoft did really good with Windows 7. I’ve never had any trouble with it like I had Vista or the older OS. Wasn’t too big a fan of XP because of the GUI. Other than that it was solid. The taskbar at the bottom was ugly in my opinion.

    Personally, if I were to get a smartphone that had hold in the OS war, I’d probably pick Droid because it really is a swiss army phone. I have two really good friends. One has a Droid, and the other has an Iphone. I’ve always had more fun tinkering around with my friend’s Droid than the other friend’s Iphone.

    Sure, Iphone might seem more like Ipwn now, but people have their own preferences. It’d be a shame to see WP7 die. Market variety is a great thing. Maybe one day they will combine them all into one mega-conglomo-OS, charge more than Apple alone would, and we’d all be slaves to the smartphone companies.

    • Atomsk

      Oh, and if Sony decided to make a smartphone with Droid OS, I’d come in my pants.