Dropping In To Say Goodbye [ COMIC ]

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So the first Windows 7 Phone Windows Phone 7 devices will start appearing in North America on November 8th. [1] One might infer from the above comic that I’m not thrilled about said event. One would be correct.

For starters I already own an iPhone. Perfectly happy with said device and unlike gaming consoles/handhelds you’re kinda married to one device (at least for the term of your contract). I’m also hearing the term “iPhone Killer” being thrown around. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that title suppose to be reserved for the Android platform. Yeah…

But my big problem with the new Windows Phone 7 devices is the Kin. You know, the “revolutionary” smartphone that Microsoft released in April and that was dead by June? Yeah, that one. So does that mean the Windows Phone 7 will be discontinued in January?

Now people are saying that Kin was like Vista and the Windows Phone 7 is like… Well, Windows 7. I get the analogy, but I have another. iPhone’s 200,000+ app store is like a supermarket and the Windows Phone 7 2,000 app store is like 7-11. But then again, I guess that’s what one can expect from Apple. You know, the largest tech company in the world.* [2]

As always, I welcome you to chime in with your own opinions in the comment section below. And one last thing, the obligatory iPhone4 vs HTC Evo (NSFW) video after the fold.

*I apologize for this longtime Apple user moment.