Surprise Buttsecks [ COMIC ]

So the Surprise Buttsecks shirt is actually a “Free Hugs” on the front and “Surprise Buttsecks” on the back. It’s also something that I debuted at Otakon just this past weekend. It did very well. Wasn’t actually sure what kind response it would recieve, but a lot of people laughed and a lot of people bought it, too. So that made me very happy.  Just FYI it will also be available on in the next week or so.

Surprise Buttsecks Shirt

Sorry for the delay in the update today. Got home late last night and then had to work today. So I had to wait until my real world tasks were complete before I could get started on it.

Hoping to have some sort of update on the events of Otakon soon, but then again I was hoping to have some sort of update for ConnectiCon that happened a month ago pretty soon as well. I guess only time will tell if this one ever happens either…


  • Free Buttsecks!

    Suprise Hugs!

    … wait a minute…

  • David

    I want a shirt like that.

  • Xu-kitty

    Holy crap, that brunette girl is cute. O_O
    … what’s that dot on her forehead?

  • Alex

    …that’s all there is to say…

  • Sam

    Question! Are you really that freakishly huge?

    • I’m 6’6″ and look like I used to play football in college. But this freakishly huge… no. But it’s more fun to exaggerate that be exact.

  • spike

    looks like tshirt hell beat you to it, but with a different punchline, the back of their shirt says “world champion slut hugger”