Package Deal [ COMIC ]

Bridget - Guilty GearsWhile we were at Otakon this past weekend, Peekaboo kept getting upset seeing guys supposedly dressed like Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusuade. I informed him that they weren’t dressed like Rosette Christopher, but like Bridget from the Guilty Gear series. He was like, “So? Still doesn’t explain why they’re dressed like a woman.” Then, I let him in on a little secret. I don’t think that boy will ever be the same again.

Might as well make my brief wrap up of Otakon this year: I was busy.

Now, the not as brief wrap up: Rich and Peek were there to help, as always, at the table. Definitely appreciated it. Phil hung out with us on both Friday and Saturday night after we called it quits for the evening. He definitely made our little group a quartet this weekend. Super Art Fight was right across the way, so they were my main people to talk to during the regular convention hours. I also bothered Mike and Dern a bunch, as well. And I finally got to meet Caldwell in person, too. And that’s about it.

No more conventions for me until InterventionCon next month. Hopefully, I will see you there.


  • David

    I really did think it was a girl until I read your post.

  • Revan

    didnt get it.

  • Search for “Dropped a Bridget on him” on TVTropes. There ya go, non-getters :P

    • Gah! No! Why would you tell people to go to TVtropes? Do you not realize the damage that can be done to a person’s entire day by simply glancing at the site? You think only seconds have passed then suddenly its 50:21 at night and you still haven’t gone to sleep! Or maybe my digital clock was just upside down..

  • Daraku

    its a Trap xD

  • bidoopoo

    ♫ I know all I need to know about the crying game ♫

  • Its a Trap!!

  • Josh

    Everyone is gay for Bridget.

    • Miles Tormani

      No exceptions.

    • Sam

      Even girls?

      • Malkar

        ESPECIALLY girls.


    …. it was scary …

  • sslrranma
  • Ido

    I have a feeling that I’d like to have a nice looking trap bridget trap me once at least XD

    • bidoopoo

      Dude, you do realize everyone can read that, right? This isn’t like a private message board going directly to Napierski or anything…

      • Josh

        I second his notion.