Strap Yourself In… [ COMIC ]

For almost half a decade now I have been making fun of that flat chested, little flower girl from Final Fantasy VII. But after the previous comic, I finally decided it was about time I showed her a little love. In fact it was actually the third Dueling Analogs comic where I took my first stab, no pun intended, at Aeris Aerith Gainsborough.

The good part about Final Fantasy VII is that like Super Mario Bros. or Pac-Man it’s so ingrained into the gaming culture you really need no setup for the reader to understand where you’re coming from. Choose an event or character, make a joke and odds are the audience will get it. Now, if I were to make a comic about the Chiki Chiki Boys I would definitely need to do some explaining.

In case you want to look at any of Dueling Analogs’ previous Aerith Gainsborough comics they are all located right here

Update: Jamie Noguchi supplied me with a puppy cow remix of today’s comic [remixed comic]. Don’t know what a puppy cow is? I recommend learning about it here. I still laugh everytime I see the remixed image.


  • Oh. Snap.

    • CeruleanSage

      You’ve summed my sentiments most adequately, sir.

  • Serneum

    Oh god. All I have to say is BRILLIANT

  • dgnslyr

    On one hand, this is brilliant. No question about that. On the other hand, I can’t decide if I should reach for the industrial strength eye bleach, or keep on staring.

  • David

    That is awesome.

  • I agree with dgnslyr, it’s funny… but the image is going to be haunting for some time…

  • Doc Lithius

    Know what? This is hilarious and sexy. I approve! :3

    • Doc Lithius

      Oh, and for some “ridiculous fanboy moment” trivia, I actually had a thing for “Sephiroth x Aerith” back in the day. Don’t ask me why. I don’t even know. Something about this logically and physically impossible pairing just felt right to me. XD

  • Caine Collin

    The First “stab” at Aerith was the one that got me hooked on Dueling Analogs :)

  • Aeriy

    Haha, that is priceless. Kinda hot too.

  • Matt Silver

    Mmkay, that is some fucked up and very hilarious shit! Yay for Aeristh?

  • Liquid

    I’ve never played FF7, only a little bit of 8… does Aeris die?

    • Doc Lithius

      Polite answer: Yes.

      Jackass answer:


  • DeltaOne

    Dear God. Epic. Win.

  • Shaows

    I expected Aerith to be wearing one as long as Masamune. Fair is fair after all.

    • I also was dissapointed by the lack of centimetres/inches on that “sword”… but ah well :P

    • Do you realize how tiny Aerith would have had to be in the final frame for that to fit?

      • Shaows

        You could have drawn it so the length/weight would pull it down across the second frame’s background.

  • Raian the Fallen

    I fuckin’ died.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Flat chested flower girl eh? Hey, she was still more stacked than Yuffie! But I guess everyone looks like a pettanko when compared to Titty Titan Tifa.

  • ticktocktober

    As a girl, all I’ve got to say to you is “About goddamn time, you ASS.” Christ.

  • Well that wasn’t SFW.

    • I guess it depends on where you work. Unfortunately, you can’t really warn people about the first thing you see when you visit the site.

      • Phaelin

        Besides, it’s not really the first time Dueling Analogs has been “NSFW”. This is actually more tame than some previous comics that come to mind. (Such as one offering up a nude Lara Croft.) I mean, NSFW is about 50% of these comics, am I right?

      • Phaelin

        Okay, I know I’m replying to myself here, but Dueling Analogs #1: Luigi’s Anal Adventure, followed by Bukkake Man. Seriously, hahah.

  • bidoopoo

    This is one of the few sites where the comic can change from a tongue-in-cheek murder to a pegging joke in the span of two days. Good show Steve.

  • Vinta

    This…might be the best thing on the site so far XD XD XD

  • ImpofthePerverse

    Just now waiting for the inevitable Rul34ing by the FF VII fans, as this idea suddenly “dawns” on them.

  • PorkRoll

    Hmm…Seems rather auto-biographical…

  • Ha. Yeah Right

    I saw this… and I came.

  • SecondTomorrow

    How is Sephiroth reading that with his eyes closed?

    • Addictedtoemotes

      He’s just squinting really hard like Brock from pokemon


    OMG so fking brillant jajajajaja

  • LulzMan69


  • LOL, awesome

    Is this a Ghastly guest strip? ;-)

  • Laddie

    I fail to see the need to divide this into panels.

  • Am I only the one who loves Sepiroth’s facial expression. You have all these fanboys who draws him as a badass, but Napierski draws him as a total knave.

  • Neil Williams

    For the love of God, please do a Chiki Chiki Boys comic! If only for the fact that you could claim to be the first video games related comic artist to do a comic about it. ^^

    Man, I loved that game. Still got my Genesis cartridge sitting there, ready to be played again… *nostalgia*

  • ahahahahaha, that’s the most unsettling funny thing ever XD