Strap Yourself In… [ COMIC ]

For almost half a decade now I have been making fun of that flat chested, little flower girl from Final Fantasy VII. But after the previous comic, I finally decided it was about time I showed her a little love. In fact it was actually the third Dueling Analogs comic where I took my first stab, no pun intended, at Aeris Aerith Gainsborough.

The good part about Final Fantasy VII is that like Super Mario Bros. or Pac-Man it’s so ingrained into the gaming culture you really need no setup for the reader to understand where you’re coming from. Choose an event or character, make a joke and odds are the audience will get it. Now, if I were to make a comic about the Chiki Chiki Boys I would definitely need to do some explaining.

In case you want to look at any of Dueling Analogs’ previous Aerith Gainsborough comics they are all located right here

Update: Jamie Noguchi supplied me with a puppy cow remix of today’s comic [remixed comic]. Don’t know what a puppy cow is? I recommend learning about it here. I still laugh everytime I see the remixed image.