Stamp of Approval [ COMIC ]

Thanks, Robbie and Dave for the inspiration for this comic. Because of the two of you, I have yet another term that I can’t use among polite company.

Man, I had a blast at The Small Press Expo this weekend. I can’t wait to be an exhibitor there next year. I will definitely have the first book of the outer circle there, but I’m also working on something completely different that I hope to premiere there, as well. Cross your fingers that I magically gain enough time to finish it.

There were two major highlights of the event for me. One, was to finally get to meet Joe “I can’t believe its not butter!” Dunn. The high traffic of the event made it rather hard to talk too much, but here’s hoping we get a chance to talk longer at one of the many ’08 cons I will be attending. The second highlight was David Willis’ brilliantly funny creation Shortpacked!. Much in the same way Devil’s Panties was my highlight purchases (I bought all four volumes) at ConnectiCon, Shortpacked!: Bring Back the Eighties was my highlight purchase of SPX. My only complaint is that I already finished reading the book. Come on Dave, where’s volume 2!? Seriously, read Shortpacked! its just that good.

I bought a lot of comics at the convention and I want to plug them, but my ginormous bag o’ swag is not currently in front of me. When it is, I will. Did you know, trade paperbacks of webcomics is the number one way I find new daily reads? So if you have a webcomic and you’re at a convention I’m attending, have a trade paperback. These are the rules.

Lastly…Aaron, don’t forget I want to get a print of “In the Company of Science” when its available.