I am Vengeance, I am the Night, I am LEGO! [ COMIC ]

Originally, the cover story for December’s issue of Hardcore Gamer Magazine was going to be LEGO Batman. So I created this comic for it. As of yesterday, it was no longer the cover story. Instead of brushing it aside, I decided to post it here. Still don’t know what the cover story is yet. But since there’s basically nil information, anywhere, about LEGO Batman… it makes perfect sense why Hardcore Gamer Magazine decided to change cover stories.

The pre-orders for the “100% Otaku Guaranteed” shirts end tonight at 11pm EST. Why 11pm EST? Because I need to get my sleep. Early tomorrow morning I’m heading up to North Bethesda to check out The Small Press Expo and also to finally meet the master of webcomics himself… Joseph Tiberius Dunn III face to face. Next year I will be able to attend as a guest as I will have the outer circle book to peddle. So pre-order those shirts before time is up.

That’s about it. I still have to throw together a few comics for the outer circle before I can call it a night.

[edit] Special thanks to Sea Devil from the NEWSARAMA forums for indirectly suggesting a better title to this strip. Major kudos!