Super Mario Bros. on the Piano [ VIDEO ]

My favorite part is how she includes the coins, 1-up and mushroom power up in the performance as well.

source: YouTube


  • Cybergeek

    Holy up-tempo, Batman…

    • Clark

      Not only up-tempo, but completely inconsistent tempo. She’s speeding up and slowing down all over the place.

    • Indeed, a very important part of good music is good tempo and spacing.
      It’s not because she knows how to play the notes and do it really fast, that it’s any good…
      Some parts of her performance are just a jumbled succession of notes, rather than music.
      I’ve seen way better before, probably almost 5 years ago.

  • Seen that kind of piano feat before but this one was more “artistic” instead of sticking to the original music.

  • Kyle

    I agree; it was a decent performance, but the quick (and changing) tempo was too distracting. It’s obvious she knows how to play piano, and can play it fast. I would just have expected someone playing retro music to keep it better paced. The sound effects were a nice touch, though.

  • Jason

    The tempo ruined it for me, I could not continue to watch her mutilate this music with her ‘artistry’. ‘Art’ does not equal ‘crapping all over the canvas’,