The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Trailer [ VIDEO ]

Trailer for the new Legend of Zelda game entitled The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword was shown at E3. It looks like Twilight Princess but is colored more like Wind Waker.


  • Armane

    Typically horrendous visual design across the board (except for Link). Needs to be darker, all enemies need to be more like the skeleton & boss you see in the trailer (creepy, ferocious, evil, not cute, funny, colourful), less defined edges (like the CGI) in the game world (and enemies might be cool), and either ditch the stupid enemies exploding effect from Wind Waker or make them seem unreal enough for it not to matter (i.e. make them more impressionistic, less well defined, etc., and give them more menacing designs).

    Other than the visuals, this should be great. Although why is Skyward Sword copying DQIX’s (to use a recent example) plot (Link’s an angel who descends from the heavens to save the world)?

    • jeebus

      it’s in development people… you make critique on shit as thought it’s done

    • NDJS

      that’s right – lets make it like every other rpg out there, and subtract all the iconic things that make it a zelda game.

  • MarthKoopa

    Looks alright to me

    The one thing I do notice that I love…. is they finally got rid of the abominable “pause for dramatic effect” garbage when hitting things. That pissed me off so much!

  • cybergeek

    ….you have my attention, Nintendo.

  • I just finished with Mario Galaxy 2, horribly disappointed and about to swear off playing the same damn Nintendo games over and over again. And then E3 happened. Goddamn it Ninetendo, I <3 you. I don't want to, but I do. Shit, maybe they knew everyone was going to be mad about Galaxy 2 and did this on purpose.

  • Eggotron

    Well…. it´s… just to colorful… i don´t sense te feeling of epicness in this new game… hopefully it has awesome gameplay as always and new abilities but i have to say this:


  • Monocleman

    I find it interesting, yet the animation looked a little stiff, in comparison wiht TP. The colors are awesome and I really expect a different story to hte last ones. Something i don like yet, is the the mix of TP Link with enemis from WW.

  • NinjaEin

    Y’know. I don’t know why everyone’s complaining about how the visuals look and comparing it to Wind Waker.

    To me, it seems to be more emulating the colors from the good ol’ N64 days. I’m seeing both elements from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask in there as well.

    I’m looking forward to this. Definitely. :D

  • Mike

    Frist of all, Nintendo hand the best showing at E3. Second, when did Zelda get this dark and ominous overtone that everyone seems to crying for? Its a Zelda title – things start off nice and easy, then gradually, as the story develops, an event will happen that will be “dark”. I’m digging the pseudo-Impressionist style. They want to make Zelda more accessible. So its brighter and friendlier. But I’m confident it will have all the hardcore elements that we all know and love.

  • AlbinoCheese

    I prefer this art style, if I’m honest. It’s more “Zelda-y” with quirky enemies and bright locations, like how it used to be. There is too much grit and grim in games nowadays, I swear developers think it’s some sort of requirement or something…

    • Mike

      Totally, its like HD and Hardocre equals dark pallets and explosions.

  • Moose

    Yeaaa…. I haven’t been on top of all the E3 coverage out there, but from seeing this, while it looks ok, I’m still not feeling the need to get a wii. Now Bulletstorm, that’s got my attention, and I’m glad to have a good gaming PC. I mean a game where you get extra points for shooting someone in the butt, and they call it ‘fire in the hole’… just wow…

  • A

    Why are they going to cel-shaded? It’s so retarded.

  • Linkfan

    Omg….the visuals are just really destroying the momemt for me. Wind waker worked as a celshaded game in the end because the characters were all young. It was a definite style that after we got used to, loved. But it was because link was young. And wind waker was an aesum game, visually and otherwise. Everything about it fit. And then twilight princess once again turned out perfect because it took the franchise we love and gave it a semi realistic, stunningly gorgeous world that just drew me into it so much. It wasnt like cod or fable, but it was still real enough for the hardcore or more mature zelda fans, at the same time, still fun and light for others. And just because tp had a slightly darker plot doesnt mean that for a game to be a little lighter it has to look so reminiscent of a cheap mushroom kingdom. Honestly, the heroic link we love just looks so hard to believe or take seriously. Its waaay too bright.. And the girlishness of the monsters and of link himself now that i look at it really doesnt do much. While i also find impressionism in art amazing and beaitiful, it really does not fit here. And not many of us would have even been able to tell that it was supposed to be impressionistic if we hadnt been told. It just looked old and cheap. Tp was no where near as realistic as halo or cod, yet it was still beautiful. If u go back and look at screenshots of tp youll c wat i mean. The screenshots for SS were stunning, too, just not for zelda.

  • HaRdCoReFaCeBoMbS

    man this is gunnu b so lam. I dont want this colorful crap. I like my games like real life, gray, black, and piss colored. This isn’t like any zelda game I played because I only played Twilight Princess which is dark…like my soul. Im selling my Wii and buying a third 360 so I can have REAL colors one 3 of my four walls. L2Colors Nintendo.

  • MisterSmith

    Waaaa. Skyward Swords is too colorful. Waaaa. I want Zelda to be darker.
    I want to stab these emo kids in the face soo bad.