Rejected Mega Man Villains V [ COMIC ]

Another set of Rejected Mega Man Villains… man I love making these. For those of you new to Dueling Analogs or those who may have missed the previous installments… here’s a link to the first Rejected Mega Man Villains, the second, the third and the fourth.

Sorry for the delay in today’s comic, but I spent most of last night working on Gamers Pair of Dice. What is Gamers Pair of Dice? Why its a new webcomic group comprised exclusively of gaming webcomics. The current roster of members is Commissioned, Digital Unrest, Dueling Analogs, Extra Life and Press Start to Play. So stop on by and check it out.

Lastly, make sure to stop by ExtraLife and wish fellow Gamers Pair of Dice member Scott Johnson a Happy Birthday.