Hush Money [ COMIC ]

Besides the part about the Sony fanboys, this strip is a work of fiction. Nintendo has screwed up before. How about the Virtual Boy, Nintendo’s handling of the SNES-CD which would later become the PlayStation, making the N64 cartridge based (granted this is mixed… it hurt their market share, but games like WWE: No Mercy or Worms Armageddon would have sucked without the speed of cartridges) and making GameCube games have a limited capacity of 1.5 GB on a disc.

Still Nintendo has done a lot of good things, too. Making great games, pushes the envelope for home gaming (SNES controller and N64 rumble pak), saved the console gaming industry with the NES after Atari almost destroyed it… E.T. anyone? and the Wii… which is just going to rock.

Lastly, the image on Harvey’s shirt is Steve from Comet 7… a comic done by my buddy David Tekiela. While you’re there, check out the guest strip I did for Comet 7 last year.