Acquired Talents [ COMIC ]

I’d like to imagine that this is the real origin of Sylar.

Yeah, updates are getting more and more wonky as time draws closer to my daughter’s arrival. Fortunately though, I’ve got some really good webcomic friends who have offered up there time to give me a little breather during the initial hectic period after arrival and to make sure that this site updates more regularly than it has in a long, long time. There’s still a very good chance of a few additional artists contributing, but the ones mentioned are the definitive guarantees.

As ’09 draws near, there are quite a few changes and new projects on the horizon. The projects… will remain secret for the time being. I find it better to not say what I’m going to do before I do it. That way I’m more likely to actually complete it. As far as changes, I’m going to be converting Dueling Analogs site to WordPress in January. This will help reduce the posting reduncencies and should open commenting to a larger audience (not sure if this is a good or bad thing, yet). will be updated to allow some of the cheaper limited quantity merchandise that’s been taken up space on the shelves to become available so it can move out the door. And the Konami Code poster is almost ready. I will post more news about that when it becomes available.

Christmas Eve is only a week away. Not sure why I mentioned that, but I did. Nonetheless, since Monday’s comic updated on Wednesday this week, Thursday’s comic will update on Friday. Until then…