Rejected Mega Man Villains IX [ COMIC ]

I found out at the conventions that I wasn’t the only one who likes rejected Mega Man villains. In fact the Rejected Mega Man Villains and the Games that I am glad were never made… were what I discussed the most, as far as comics go.

This is Rejected Mega Man Villains IX. Normally, I link back to all the previous versions. But since this posting is going to be very link intensive, I’ll just direct you to the archive section to check out the earlier versions.

Its kind of ironic that at the same time I release a brand new Rejected Mega Man Villains Bob and George, the long running Mega Man themed comic, is coming to an end… and when I say end I mean this week. Major kudos to David Anez for being able to entertain his vast amount of readers so consistently through Bob and George‘s seven year run and good luck to him as well on his future ventures as well.

And now the final convention plugs…

Thanks again to Rosanne (Magical Princess Anya) for letting me share a table with her at Otakon. I knew I was going to forget people in the previous entry. One of which was Mookie (Dominic Deegan) whom I met at both ConnectiCon and Otakon and whom’s webcomic I read and who is also a fellow member of ZeStuff… yup, I completely dropped the ball on that one. I finally got to meet Dave (SNAFU) in the flesh… he’s a really nice guy and I fully intend on sending some business his way before my next convention, Jax ([sic] Productions)… note to self: remember to add link to this comic on the links page and with that I believe that’s it. I think I mentioned everyone else in the previous two postings. Typing up convention postings take almost as long as the conventions themselve. Luckily, I won’t have to worry about this again until November.