Pizza Party [ COMIC ]

Wow… I really assumed that I would have this new post finished on Friday night and now its Sunday night and I am finally posting it.

While I was at ConnectiCon, I was a participant in their webcomic auction. I put up a free t-shirt, free lunch with me (half a pizza) and a named guest appearance in a Dueling Analogs comic up for bid as a prize. C.D. Clevenger won the auction and this comic is the said prize. I look at this comic and wonder, did I smash his head because he likes Penny Arcade better or because I wanted the last slice of pizza? Personally, I feel its the latter reason.

In the previous news post, I mentioned the webcomic people I spent time with at ConnectiCon. Now to do my best and remember everyone else I needed to plug. I sat next to and talked a bit with Duke from Ansem Retort at the webcomic panel, I spent most of my earnings at Devil’s Panties table, I got a cool Ninjas can’t catch you if you’re on fire shirt from Dr. McNinja, talked with a Shawn from Staccato for a while (really cool guy), got to talk to Chris from Blue and Blond for a little bit (wish had more time, where he lives in Virginia and where he’s from in New Jersey are both my home turf… weird), I met Darren from Dear Pirate, and Greg, Lisa and Rosanne of Magical Princess Anya and Owl’s Mirror Studio respectably of whom which I also shared a table with at Otakon too and I bought a Bunny book from Huw of Bunny. I believe that’s it… I think. I’ll post news and details about Otakon with the next comic.

Between ConnectiCon last weekend and Otakon this weekend, I need a vacation from my vacations. At least I don’t have any more cons to worry about until November when I attend Nekocon X. I’m also thinking really hard about attending KatsuCon, but a few key pieces need to fall into place before I can commit. I’ll let you know when I definitely know either way.