Love Letter to the Mega Man Series [ VIDEO ]

Egoraptor has created the second volume in the Sequelitis series: Sequelitis – Mega Man Classic vs. Mega Man X. In it he discusses what changed from the original to the X series and as a huge fan of Mega Man, this was an awesome video to watch.

Video is NSFW because of language, but that’s what headphones are for.

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  • 06th


  • Just like the previous video, I really appreciate the insight but don’t care much for the unnecessary screaming that occurs throughout. This guy knows what he’s talking about, but I think the delivery could be improved.

    • 06th

      So, how do you feel about or

    • Jonas

      I, on the other hand, think that the screaming is just spot on. It makes it real funny. This guy is so good that even people who doesn’t understand english get his point.

    • Thamios

      I have to agree with you on that. Honestly, I only made it about half way through the video before turning it off. No one who plays videogames is as stupid as he acts when talking about the MM X intro stage. Acting like that brings a bad name to all gamers, even if he’s just doing it in parody. He’s obviously a very intelligent person, which makes it even sadder that he brings himself down to that level of idiocy. I can see what he’s trying to do, but there’s enough idiots in the world as it is.

      As far as the comment talking about Cracked, at least cracked is (usually) funny. Even when it’s not, at least the articles are entertaining, and if it’s not, i can easily skim through it or just close the tab, instead of having to search through 12 minutes of video and wait for it to buffer, and probably end up in the middle of a sentence.

      • 06th

        He isn’t saying anyone is actually that stupid, he’s saying that even if you are stupid to that extreme, the intro to Megaman X teaches you how to play the game without shoving a tutorial down your throat.

      • Karma

        I think you still missed the point. It’s not that he was assuming that players are that stupid, he’s making the point that GAME DEVELOPERS assume the players are stupid. When reverse engineering a game, a common tool to use to make sure that conveyance and playability works is to do the “Stupid Test”.

        Next time, actually listen before you knock it.

  • Okay, this vid made me LOL.

  • Falos

    Words are great. We can explain very complex ideas with them. However, brains are not tuned to learn through such instruction.

    Know what a gamer does when he’s in a hurry to go from noobscrub to middling-contender? HE IMITATES THE GUY WINNING.

    It’s not just demonstration/imitation either, we can learn quickly through our own experimentation. Just got a fire weapon/power in a game? You, the player, will feel much more satisfied when you try it walls of ice blocks and get the natural result, without having dialogue pop up when you obtained said fire. Ice blocks make for a pretty fucking obvious setup, but gamers can handle slightly more subtle ones. That said, it’s best to FORCE them into needing it, you don’t want to get stuck because you didn’t realize, I don’t know, the lightning weapon could hack a keycard door that didn’t actually have a keycard.

    I don’t know if this was a result of convenient localization, but it really does feel funner to have that silent connection with the developer, with your “dungeon master” if you will. The middle Metroid games did things similar to Megaman, and, though with less quick action, so did Zelda games. Yes, OoT had Navi to spoil some things, but usually you had to eye bosses and their arenas to figure out what allowed you to deliver beatdowns.

    • Karma

      Although I agree with the majority of what you’re saying, I do wish to point out he was referring to what specifically worked in Megaman X while alluding to what kinds of concepts could be learned from it. That is not to say that different games would have a need for a few points he made in the video, but conveyance and controlled learning is important. Although there are a few instances where written instruction is appropriate, I don’t like how certain tutorials break up the pace of the game in an un-organic manner.

  • nicktwolf

    I like how he handles the review and makes it’s worth watching. I would rather watch a review that is entertaining over someone who sounds like Ben Stien talking about it. The yelling and cursing are done for effect and at least it’s not over the top like some people take it.

  • 大日本帝国万歳

    This guy is super funny to view his video! Thumbs up!

  • FlamesofHavoc

    I don’t mind all the screaming and cursing, I found it pretty funny. The Megaman X series was really good and it changed a ton of elements that weren’t in the Megaman series. The armor upgrades, wall scaling and over all gameplay. I found the Megaman games pretty challenging getting through the tougher levels. MMX you had to learn to multitask (Charging/shooting, dashing, jumping)Both series had their challenges and I prefer the MMX series..because he’s right, watching the character become stronger. But seriously, play through Megaman X-X3 and you’ll see why it’s so awesome.

  • Ido013

    Only sucks that Capcom is dead to me :/

  • FlamesofHavoc

    I kind of wish..and I mean hardcore wish like my life depended on it..I wish Capcom or whatever would make an anime for Megaman-Megaman X to bridge together the stories..but that’s just me =\