Literally Disappointed [ COMIC ]

Even though it was recently rereleased for the Nintendo DS and the PSP, most people have probably never played Rainbow Islands. The game itself is the sequel to Bubble Bobble, a game that most of you have played but have definitely heard about. Is it fun? Yeah, but its surprisingly more complex than you think. If you’d like to play a fast-paced Kid Icarus type game, this is it.

ConnectiCon was this weekend, which is part of the reason I did a one panel today, and it was a blast. This is the first time I ever attended a convention where I was on the other side of the fence and not a spectator. I met a lot of wicked cool people… that’s right, I said wicked cool and I will now do my best to mention them all.

Friday night was the first night we really went out and did something. I got to hang out with Woody (GU Comics, his wife, their friend Richard, Dirk (Paradigm Shift) and of course Rich and Peek. I had a great time discussing the business aspect of webcomics and just hanging out having a good time. Ross (The Rocket) also swung by and told us a hilarious story about the “How to Bukkake” panel that was at Otakon last year… I believe it was last year.

Saturday night… wow. Once again hung out with Rich, Peek and Dirk, but also hung out with Brian (Hookie Dookie Panic)… which I might add is one of the single coolest people to hang out with at a bar, his beautiful booth babe Addie, Ross, Jim (Morlock Enterprises), Nelly (Morlock Enterprises), Nick (Dead of Summer, Marty (Dead of Summer, Brion (Flipside) and Jennifer (Mystic Revolution)… also Dave Lister of Paradox Lost and not Red Dwarf showed up, but I never got to talk to him. None the less, I had an awesome time with these guys and am already looking forward to it next year… though I should get a chance to see some of them at Otakon this weekend.

Things changed, I will be at a table at Otakon this weekend for a little while. I will post about that and the main other webcomic people I met, but didn’t get to hang out with in the next comic posting. Also, I will tell you a tale about Hawk and the dime he was assaulted with. Until then…