Penny Arcade by any other name… [ COMIC ]

Its about time one of us fessed up and admitted the truth. Right?

But, seriously… reading on blogs and forums on the net that someone is ripping off Penny Arcade is pretty common place. I can understand is someone was copying their art style or plagiarizing their writing, that’s one thing. But to give them the complete ownership to the concept of gaming webcomics seems a tad extreme.

This comic was conceived back in early May and here’s how… A while ago, the Having Reservations strip was featured on Fark. The comments that people left were pretty standard, but this one guy sited that it had already been done before by Penny Arcade. Twice even! He then posted the two comics. One was about GameStop having tons of money and the other was about people trading in stupid stuff. So since Penny Arcade did two comics featuring GameStop, then GameStop was off limits to anyone else? The rationalization behind that baffled me. From there I took the idea to the extreme… if Penny Arcade can have a monopoly on topics of discussion, then why can’t they have a monopoly on gaming comics in general? Eh, it’s all good…

As far as saying Dueling Analogs was copying VG Cats, that came from one of my earlier comics being similar to a certain VG Cats comic. It was completely unintentional, but since then I have religiously read VG Cats to make sure that never happens again.

Incase you haven’t noticed by now, the postings can also be commented on in the forums. A neat way to connect the two and to see what people are thinking. Give it a shot.