Dark Night Returns [ COMIC ]

Consider this comic the calm before the storm. Monday’s comic is going to be as long as the Zelda comic if not longer. I have to get started on the artwork for it tomorrow so that it can be ready by Monday. But it will definitely be worth it.

I got a lot of flak yesterday when I lumped Final Fantasy VIII and X-2 together by calling them horrible. Not surprisingly, no one came to the defense of X-2 (funny side note, Final Fantasy XIII that we are all looking forward to is being directed by Motomu Toriyama… the same guy who directed X-2). As far as VIII goes, the junction system was so unenjoyable for me that I could not play the game. I tried. Trust me, I tried… I can put up with a lot [NSFW] in video games, but the system was just to bad for me to progress. Hell, I was able to progress to the end of that teeny bopper, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen piece of crap X-2, but not VIII. That’s why I lumped it in with X-2.

I had some problems with the news overlapping the footer on the site yesterday. When I was designing the website the comic was never long enough that the news would be the lowest point in the main content area… until yesterday. For anyone that designs websites you know that Internet Explorer sucks. It looks at W3C compliancy and then does its own thing. One of its own things, and the problem, is that it does not read divs correctly when they are floated instead of being relatively or absolutely positioned. Still with me? To make a long story short, I had to reorder content on the page change up the direction some of the divs were being floated and check it cross platform (Safari 2 and 3, Firefox PC and Mac, Internet Explorer 6 and 7). Fun, fun, fun…

Lastly, when I sketched the character playing Karate Champ he was nothing but a heavyset character. When I colored him, he miraculous became Fat Harvey. I just thought it was funny.