The Long Comic Goodnight [ COMIC ]

Wow, you actually made it to the bottom to read the news. I’m impressed.

I know the traffic does not increase based on the length of the comic, but it was a funny coincidence. I create the Shining Get! comic which is twice the normal length and I have a better then average day. Then I have the the Link to the Past Life Experiences comic which is three times the normal length and have an even better day than that. Finally, I have the Penny Arcade by any other name… strip which is four times the normal size and I have my highest day ever. So, I thought it would be fun to create a comic twenty (yes, twenty) times the size of a normal comic.

Don’t worry, I have no intention of doing this again… or do I?

You know, now that the comic is actually up there I don’t think its long enough… seriously. It doesn’t take nearly as long as I thought to scroll through it. Oh, well…

One last thing, if you get a chance head on over to the forum sign up and post a little. The more active member we have sign up, the more enjoyable they will be. Thanks!